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MonIRC 1.1.0

MonIRC is an IRC client - French Language Version
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This software contains the basis for communicating with the whole world on the international servers of the global web.

- French Language User Interface
- IRC protocol support;
- Connection to unencrypted servers;
- Possibility of using a password;
- Use of the WinSock CE 2.x library to connect;
- Commands preceded by a slash "/" (list provided below);
- PING is fully implemented.

- There are no known bugs, except that some system messages that arrive in a rush may be displayed as unformatted plain text;
- Few tests have been done on this application so far, although it works well.

- Due to the platform used, total absence of SSL/TLS encryption;
- Conversations in private message not implemented at all, messages will appear in unformatted text;
- Totally absent tabs, there is only one instance, and one room at a time;
- Lack of support for some commands (AFK, ACTION, etc.);
- Lack of formatting of certain system messages;
- Slightly "clinical" and not very customizable interface;
- List of connected members, which I voluntarily did not implement, to avoid saturating the memory of the H/PC.

Nevertheless, this client allows you to connect to IRC servers thanks to your H/PC connected to the Internet/Intranet by PCMCIA, serial, or IrDA, via telephone line, or Ethernet.

... It depends.

Use :

When the login form appears, fill in the necessary fields to login. The nickname, the remote server, the port used (the default one is port 6667). Optionally check the box if a password is specifically required for login, but normally, as a general rule, this is not the case. Be imaginative for your nickname, it must not already be used on the remote server, otherwise you will have to log out and relaunch the software, as the servers do not allow duplicate nicknames.

Then click "Connect". A second window should open, displaying menus, and a label that indicates a connection is in progress. If all goes well, text fields should appear, and display what the server is sending in real time.

At that time, when everything is loaded, you need to join a room. Please type the command:

/runcmd JOIN #lobby


/join #lounge

To start chatting with peers. This is necessary for the flow of conversations. Other commands are available, please type /help to get some. Notice to experienced users, the /runcmd command is used to send a raw command to the server, finally an IRC protocol command in clear.

If you have joined a room, messages should normally appear, and you can send them in the small field at the bottom of the window. To use it, enter the desired text, and press ENTER or the "Send" button. For further instructions, click on the "Help > Usage" menu.

You can invert text colors by clicking "View > Invert Colors" if you are visually impaired, or if you prefer dark interfaces. The "Follow the text" menu allows the text to scroll automatically as soon as new messages appear. The name of the server or the channel is indicated in the text of the title bar and the taskbar.

You can change the room by clicking on the "Server > Change channel" menu, and disconnect from the server by clicking on "Server > Disconnect". There are also options to copy text or erase it in the "Edit" menu.

Good fun!

System Requirements

Required configuration
- An H/PC with Windows CE 2.10 (may work on other versions);
- Approximately 1MB of available RAM;
- Approximately 1MB of available storage;
- Connection to the Internet or Intranet, via 56K modem, Ethernet, or IrDA via the use of a PCMCIA card, serial port, or infrared port, depending;
- Pen and keyboard controlled interface;
- Resolution 320x240, 320x320, or 640x240 minimum, in color mode or in monochrome mode.

Installation Instructions

To use this software, please click on one of the .CAB files included with the application, and install the packaging associated with your configuration (MIPS or SH3). Then you can go to "Start > Programs > MonIRC 1.1" to launch the software.


IRCVisual BasicVBVBCE 2.0

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Released 10 February 2023
Language Support French (France)
Popularity 2417
Total Downloads  2
Submitted By LordEmilio
Submitted On 10 February 2023


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