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nPOPuk.NEXT is an ultra-small, but comprehensive, e-mail client supporting POP3 and SMTP with SSL support.
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nPOPuk.NEXT is a beta version of nPOPuk adapted to use OpenSSL 3.0.7 as the underlying library instead of 1.0.2u in the official nPOPuk 3.05 release.
There are no other differences other than the underlying OpenSSL library dlls included, as well as an updated root certificate installed to the root directory entitled "ca.pem", which nPOPuk.NEXT requires to function.

Please note that while the ARMV4 and x86 builds have been extensively tested, the MIPSII and MIPSIV builds have not. Please report issues as a comment to this SCL page or in the testing thread here

The original description for nPOPuk is included below.

nPOPuk is an ultra-small, but comprehensive, e-mail client that runs on a wide range of Windows-based operating systems.

nPOPuk is based on Tomoaki Nakashima's diminutive nPOP, but now only bears a superficial resemblance to it, having grown into a comprehensive email client with many sophisticated facilities.

To achieve some of these improvements the structure of the data files had to be changed and they are not backwards-compatible with the original program. This accounts for the decision to change the name. nPOPuk was chosen as it was programmed and compiled by a group co-ordinated from the UK.

Even with its increased functionality, nPOPuk remains smaller than all rivals and still is available to run on a wide range of Windows-based operating systems from early versions of of WinCE through to Win64.

A full history of the improvements leading up to nPOPuk (v3.05) can be found in the User Guide Appendix: Changes.
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nPOPuk is a little different from many email programs. For a start it is a true client/server application. Each nPOPuk account will communicate directly with a POP3 and SMTP server and record only what is present on those servers. The implications of this are explained below.

Being a client/server application means mail is read directly from the server and, initially, held only in memory rather than saved to disk before being displayed.

This means that if mail is deleted from the server by another program the next time nPOPuk connects to the server that mail will also disappear from the "Account" in nPOPuk, and will be permanently lost. This is true even if you have the default option set to save mail found on the server, as an nPOPuk account is only a record of mail found on the server at the time of the last connection with the server. But read on...

Most mail programs hide all server communication from the user. They save all mail within the program on the host computer deleting it from the server as it is downloaded. In nPOPuk this would be called "transferring" the mail (by a move or copy) to a "Savebox" and furthermore, this can be done automatically using mail filters, so the net result is the same as a conventional program.

The ability to distinguish between mail found on the server (shown in an nPOPuk "Account") and that held locally (in an nPOPuk "Savebox") makes it ideal for the more Specialist Tasks that don't require off-line copies of mail and this is what give nPOPuk its edge over many other email programs.

System Requirements

Windows CE 4.2 or higher running on ARMV4, MIPSII, MIPSIV, or x86 processors.

Installation Instructions

Copy .cab file to device and execute
Install to default directory [root] as prompted
There will be a required root certificate named "ca.pem" that is needed for use, which is installed to the root system directory.
The rest of the files will install into a folder named "NPOPUK.NEXT" in Program Files


POP3SMTPOpen Sourceemail

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Released 01 January 2023
Language Support English
Popularity 2108
Total Downloads  4
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 03 September 2023


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