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PocketTADS 0.1

Open Source
PocketTADS is a port of the TADS Runtime to PocketPC (aka Windows CE 3).
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PocketTADS 0.1

Ported by David Batterham <drbatter@progsoc.org>
based on
PocketGlk 0.1 by Stark Springs
GlkTADS by Stephen Granade
Glk by Andrew Plotkin
TADS 2.7 by Michael J. Roberts

PocketTADS is a port of the TADS Runtime to PocketPC (aka Windows CE 3). TADS (Text Adventure Development System) is a runtime and development environment for interactive fiction (aka text adventures). See http://www.tads.org/ for more info on TADS.

Very little of the PocketTADS code was written by me. My task in porting this software was mainly to glue together various existing libraries and programs (see list of libraries above).

If you have other PocketGlk applications (eg. PocketGlulxe), your PocketTADS preferences will likely be applied in those applications as well (and vice versa). This is a feature, not a bug :)

Installation Instructions

Simply copy the executable for your processor (ARM, MIPS or SH3) into "/Program Files" or "/Windows/Start Menu/Programs". If you don't know what processor you have, look in Start -> Settings -> System -> About.

Requires RedGear 1.0.2 in order to function on ARM devices.


GamesOpen Source

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Released 29 October 2002
Language Support English
Popularity 1983
Total Downloads  5
Submitted By hassilon
Submitted On 14 September 2023


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