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Japanese Input for SHARP Brain 1.5

A Japanese input software that works with SHARP's Brain series of color electronic dictionaries and enables complex phrase conversion using software for Windows CE.
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This software works with the SHARP color electronic dictionary Brain series.
This is a Japanese input software for Windows CE that enables subclause conversion.

This software uses words based on the frequency of occurrence of words in sentences collected on the Internet.
A generated dictionary is included, so
The feature is that words that are used more often are given priority in conversion.
Currently, dictionary editing tools are not included.
Also, instructions for appropriate verbs for words have been implemented.
The configuration is done manually, so it is not working for some reason.
These will be provided in a future version.

To start, insert the MicroSD card into Brain, press the library button,
Open the app in the card, select Japanese Input and press the OK button.
If the startup is successful, an icon written as "Aa" will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen.
To start inputting Japanese characters, press the small letter key,
Confirm that the icon has changed from "Aa" to "A".
If you start the app again when it is already running,
A dialog for saving and closing the learning record will be displayed.
If you select Yes, the learning results up to that point will be saved to a file.
If you select No, Japanese Input will close immediately without saving the learning results.
Learning results saved in a file will be automatically loaded the next time you start the app.
To discard the learning results and return to the initial state,
The two files "userdict.dat" and "userkana.dat" in the "Japanese Input" folder
Please delete the file.

letter small key
Switch Japanese input on/off.

letter large key
If Japanese input is turned on and no characters are entered,
Turn on/off Romaji to Kana conversion.

back key
Converts the input string to a mixture of kanji and kana.
If you press it again while conversion candidates are displayed, the next candidate for the currently selected phrase will be selected.
If pressed while changing the phrase break, conversion candidates will be displayed at the specified phrase break.

left and right keys
While inputting kana, change the insertion position of kana.
While displaying conversion candidates, change the phrase to be converted.
Change the cursor position while changing the bunsetsu break.

up and down key
While displaying conversion candidates, change the candidates for the selected phrase.
While changing the bunsetsu break, use the up key to combine the bunsetsu breaks at the cursor position,
Use the down key to split the phrase at the cursor position.

back key
During kana input, one character to the left of the cursor is deleted from the string being input.
If you press it while displaying conversion candidates or changing bunsetsu breaks, it will return to kana input.

Alphabet key and hyphen key
When Japanese input is on, Kana input will start.
If Romaji-Kana conversion is off, the characters will be displayed as alphabetic characters.
Enter the long sound "-" using the hyphen key.

////////////////////////////About grammar/////////////////// //////////

This software uses somewhat special grammar rules.
The parts of speech are briefly explained below.

It refers to words that have a conjugation and whose endings change with a 5-dan, 1-dan, or plagiarism.

It refers to words that have a conjugation and have a certain change in the ending.

Refers to things or phenomena.

adjective noun
Refers to nouns that describe things and whose endings can change in a certain way.

It refers to a noun that is likely to be connected with "suru" immediately after it.

the strange noun
It refers to a noun that is likely to be connected with ``zuru'' immediately after it.

Person name/organization
Indicates the name of a person or company, etc., and refers to something that can be connected to, such as a title.

proper noun
Refers to something that indicates a specific thing, such as a place or trademark other than a person's name or organization.

adverb noun
Refers to nouns that are likely to be used as adverbs without immediately following them with a particle.

punctuation mark
It refers to something that indicates a sentence break, such as "," or ".".

Refers to something that represents a number.

simple clause
Refers to words that are not immediately followed by a particle.

It refers to newly registered words learned from the input sentences.
By default, it is treated as a noun.

Refers to words that are automatically generated from input text.
When a phrase containing this type is converted, it is automatically registered in the conversion dictionary.

System Requirements

Model SHARP Brain
Model number PW-AC890
Memory 10MB or more free space
It may also work with other model numbers.

Installation Instructions

First, run the included "msgothic.bat".
This will copy the fonts needed to run the software to the folder.
If "MS Gothic" is already loaded in Brain, this operation is not necessary.
Next, create an "app" folder in the root directory of the MicroSD card,
Copy the "Japanese Input" folder included in the package.
The installation is now complete.

No registry is used, so
When uninstalling, just delete the entire folder.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website https://kawamoto.no-ip.org/henteko/index.html
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Released 01 March 2011
Popularity 2883
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 21 January 2024


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