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Oyajin Appointments++ 1.36

This is a calendar + ToDo management application
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"OyajinAppointment" was created in 1998 by Shinichi Nakamoto, also known as Oyajin, for Windows CE.
This is a calendar + ToDo management application created in .
At that time, binaries were released for CASSIOPEA and Mobile Gear, and I was also an early user.
I used it with CASSIOPEA and HP's 620LX.
After that, I lost contact with Windows CE for about two years, and for a while I was immersed in the world of Palm.
There were many days when I was immersed.
I had a chance and got a Jornada 710 at a cheap price. I started building the environment after a long time.

Fortunately, the CPU called StrongARM is becoming mainstream in the CE world, so the tool
There are almost no inconveniences, but for some reason I can't use the calendar.
There is no app for this.
Even after two years, I still get fed up with the slow response time of the standard PocketOutlook.

Then I remembered Oyajin Appointment, which I used to use for a long time.
I discovered on a site called PocketCafe that Mr. Nakamoto had already given up on development.

[PocketCafe - Study in Pocket]

I found that it was distributed here including the source, but since then the maintainer has
I couldn't find anyone who was doing this.
# There were two people who compiled it for ARM, but the functionality remained the same.
It's too much software to let it go to sleep, so please give it a try.
I started maintenance because I wanted to put it on the Tomo Jornada and use it.

The original version was a practical schedule, but ++ is a fun schedule to use!(???)
We are thinking of improving this as a policy.
For usage information, please see the readme.txt attached to the original.
We plan to revise it to HTML format later.

I also tried creating one for PocketPC, but there are a lot of problems.
Please read [Restrictions for PocketPC] and familiarize yourself with the restrictions before use.

[Changes from the original]

1:Saturday and Sunday are displayed in color in monthly and half-yearly displays.
2: Dialogs and menus are all in Japanese.
3: The date display in the monthly display will not be missing.
4: It is possible to output all schedules to PocketOutlook.
5: You can change the background color of the schedule input screen.
6: You can set a color for your schedule. Colorful monthly display.
7: You can paste the icon on the calendar.
Icons are displayed in monthly/daily view.

[How to use the changes]

1: Output to Outlook

Output to PocketOutlook is included in the File menu.
An output range specification dialog similar to exporting to CSV will open, but
All records including private schedules and ToDos will be output.
We plan to correct the above points later.
If a schedule with the same title has already been created on the PocketOutlook side,
It is skipped without any output.

2: Specify the background color of the schedule input screen

The original version only has a gray background and white display, and displays gray on color devices.
When I did this, there was a slight difference in shading.
Furthermore, if you change the system color in the control panel, the background of the text will change.
The background of the screen remains gray or white, which is a disgusting situation.
This has been made color compatible and the display colors have been improved.
The background and text background are always drawn in the same color as the system color.
With this change, the gray background setting in the "Other" tab of the options screen
is gone.

3: Schedule color settings

In the original version, it was possible to set two colors, white and gray, to the schedule,
We have expanded the functionality so that you can set 7 background colors.
Accordingly, instead of the gray display setting checkbox on the schedule input screen,
I'm adding a dropdown combo where you can select a color.
Background color information is provided in the form attached to the memo.
Send feedback
Side panels

It has been.
It is not actually visible to the user.
When reading OyajinAppointmet++ data with past OyajinAppointment
The memo is displayed with color information added, but the data is not compatible.
Always maintained.
If you set colors for multiple appointments, the color of the last appointment takes precedence.
I am considering whether to add a color to each character displayed in the schedule later.
If you have any good ideas, please let me know (^^;

4: Schedule icon settings

Add familiar icons to the schedule list in Palm's calendar application
We have expanded the functionality to make it possible.

If the icon is not displayed in the specification dialog, please note the following two points.

1: An optional boot path is set.
2: The OAICON folder is copied to the same location as the startup path above.
If these two points are not set correctly, the icon will not appear? It becomes a mark.
Icons are loaded all at once at startup, so if you change settings,
Please close OyajinAppointment once and then start it again.

Currently, 32 types of icons are available by default.
I decided to press the "mark" button above the OK button on the schedule entry screen.
The icon selection dialog will open.
Tap any icon or press the corresponding accelerator key
Therefore, you can specify an icon.

The icons are displayed in 4 rows of 8 columns, and are displayed in the keyboard matrix below.
We are compatible.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Z X C V B N M,

After displaying the ICON specification dialog, press the above key to quickly
You can specify an icon.
If you want to cancel, you can exit with ESC like other dialogs.
The current UI is provisional, so you can specify the icon using TAB or cursor keys.
I can't do it.
If there are many voices saying that it is difficult to use, we will improve it in the future (^^;

These icons can be replaced in units called "sets".
Currently only the default set is available, but users can use any icon
It is possible to create and display.
When replacing, prepare a 12x12 pixel 256 color bitmap.
Please specify the name iconXX.bmp for each.
(Specify a value from 0 to 31 for XX.)
Specifies green as the transparent color, and (0,255,0) when expressed in RGB.
The default set is stored in a folder called OAICON in the startup path of app.exe.
It has been.

[Restrictions for PocketPC]

Since this software was originally for H/PC, various changes were made when porting it to PocketPC.
There are quite a few parts where the processing has been cut short.
We plan to fix it later, but please be aware of the following issues.
1: Dialog size and placement are appropriate.

[Key operations for PocketPC]

Unlike H/PC, PocketPC has an app call button like Palm.
There are 2 to 6 pieces arranged.
You can configure the behavior on the "Hardware Keys" tab in the settings dialog.

1: Confirm (equivalent to Enter key)
... Operates the same as the Enter key for the confirmation function.

2: Cancel (equivalent to ESC key)
... It works the same as the ESC key for the cancel function.

3: View switching
... Change the screen in the order of three months ? month ? week ? schedule.

4: Delete
...Cuts the currently selected appointment.

[Known bugs]

This is a list of problems and bugs discovered during work.
Is it a bug? If you have any questions, please compare them with the list below.
We are investigating fatal items first (-?-)

1: When exporting CSV, the first line header is garbled.
(There is no problem with importing.)
2: The colors around the last day of the previous month may not be displayed.
3: The toolbar button corresponding to the startup screen is not recessed.
4: All-day schedules imported by CSV import are not displayed in daily view.
(This seems to have happened with the old Oyajin as well.)
5: Inadequate shortcut keys on the input screen.
6: Inadequate BackTAB on the input screen.


This is the current "specification". It also includes points that I personally would like to improve in the future.

1: Restrict output of Private records and ToDo records to Outlook.
2: Data synchronization with PocketOutlook
3: Background image display on monthly screen.
4: Revised Readme/HTML version.
5: Revised help file.
6: Fixed garbled characters in the header part when outputting CSV.
7: On some models such as Sigmarion 2, the installer freezes when the CAB is finished being expanded.

If you have any other requests, please contact Support ML.


I am now able to paste icons, but the design is not very good.
He only has two works that he is proud of: "Good!" and "Onigiri Moner" (^^;
Although it is an irregular size of 12x12 pixels with a 256-color bitmap, it looks like
We are always looking for good icons.
I would also like to revise the attached help file and readme to html.
We look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to help us create this manual.

Let's all improve OyajinAppointment!

System Requirements

Windows CE 2.0 or later

Installation Instructions

In addition to binaries for StrongARM (Jornada710/720) and MIPS (Sigmarion 2, etc.),
Most H/PC binaries released in the past are included.
There was a report that it started up on the early HP620 even though it was equipped with H/PC.
Therefore, it seems to work if it is a model with CE2.0 or later.

Please be careful not to make any mistakes when installing.
Check the OS of your H/PC device from the list below, and then install the appropriate file.
Please true.

Currently, models that have been confirmed to work are marked with a mark in front of the model name.
Thank you for your cooperation in reporting the operation.

?...This is the device I checked during development.
?... This is a device that has been reported by a user to confirm its operation.
×... This is a device that has been reported by a user to be inoperable.

[PocketPC2002 installed equipment]
? Genio... Please use CAB for PocketPC ARM.

? iPAQ ... Please use CAB for PocketPC ARM.

[PocketPC equipped device]

MIPS system
Please use CAB for CASIO...MIPS.
? G-Fort
? E-700
? E-750

? Jornada...Please use CAB for SH3.

? iPAQ...Please use CAB for ARM.

? Genio...Please use CAB for ARM.

[H/PC 2000 installed equipment]

MIPS system...Please use cab for MIPS (R4000).
NEC MobileGear II
? MC-R550
? MC-R450
? Sigmarion II

SHARP Telios
? HC-AJ3

Victor InterLink
? MP-C303
? MP-C304-B

StrongARM series...Please use the ARM cab.
HP Jornada
? 820 (There is a problem where the half-yearly display calendar is missing)
? 720

[H/PC Pro equipped equipment]

We look forward to receiving your operational reports.

MIPS system
SHARP Telios
? HC-AJ1... Please use cab for MIPS (R3000).

SH3 series
Jornada... Please use the cab for SH3.
? 680
? 690

[Previous models]
MIPS system
NEC MobileGear
? R500...Please use the cab for MIPS (R4000).

SH type
? 620LX...Please use the SH3 cab.
? HPC-30PA
? HPC-200JC... Please use the cab for SH3.
? HPC-230JC... Please use the cab for SH3.

oacab.HPC201_ARM.CAB ... Installer for H/PC ARM
oacab.HPC201_MIPS3000.CAB ... Installer for H/PC MIPS(R3000)
oacab.HPC201_MIPS4000.CAB ... Installer for H/PC MIPS(R4000)
oacab.HPC201_SH3.CAB ... Installer for H/PC SH3
oacab.HPC201_SH4.CAB ... Installer for H/PC SH4

oacab.PPC_ARM.CAB ... Installer for PocketPC ARM
oacab.PPC_MIPS.CAB ... Installer for PocketPC MIPS
oacab.PPC_SH3.CAB ... Installer for PocketPC SH3

By double-clicking the cab format file on your H/PC,
The following files will be copied to the /Windows/Start Menu/AppointmentPP folder.
app.exe ... OyajinAppointment executable file.
You can delete it after importing.
readme.txt ... Instruction manual. You can delete it once you've finished reading it.

In addition, a file called pimstore.dll is copied to /Windows and added to the registry.
Automatic registration will occur.
If the file already exists, you will be asked "Do you want to overwrite it?"
No need to.

[Included bonus file]

omake.zip contains the following files.
\OAICON ... A collection of icons to paste into the calendar.
Please place it in the same folder as app.exe.
AppHelp.hlp ... OyajinAppointment Help. It is for desktop.
DefHoliday.csv ... Holiday setting file from October 2001 to 2002.

Please import DefHoliday from Import from the File menu.
All holidays are scheduled for 2002.


appointmentto docalendar

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.asuka.net/~tabe/lib/liferuntime/
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 11 November 2001
Popularity 1923
Total Downloads  6
Submitted By stingraze
Submitted On 25 January 2024


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