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Minute Mascot 1.4

Open Source
Display the mascot on the screen.
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?What is Minute Mascot?

Display the mascot on the screen...That's it.

Data can also be created by the user.

?How to use

Transfer the unzipped file to CE, including the entire folder.

If there is multiple mascot data, a selection dialog will open, so double tap to select

please select.

?About mascot data

Please put the mascot data in each folder in the same folder as MMascot.exe.

In that case, please make sure that skin.txt is located in a folder one level below MMascot.exe.

The maximum number of mascot data is 32.

Mascot data can also be created by the user. For the creation method, refer to the data creation manual.

please refer to.

?How to operate

Tap the icon in the task tray to show/hide the image.

A dialog will open by double-tapping or double-launching the task tray icon.

·U,D,L,R: Move the display position 1 pixel up, down, left, and right, respectively.

·Ux10,Dx10,Lx10,Rx10: Moves the display position 10 pixels up, down, left, and right, respectively.

·Hide: Hide the image

·Transparency: You can select the transparency of the image display from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, Half.

Half is a thinned out display. For 256 color machines, only 100% and Half are available.

·About: Display version information

·Quit: Quit


When executed, a file called __tmp will be created in the same folder as MMascot.exe, but

Please do not delete it while it is running.


? Items scheduled to be installed in the future

·Switching mascot data (if necessary)

?Matters that cannot be improved

·When scrolling with PIE or Notepad, garbage may appear.

·If you redraw the screen by switching apps, etc., garbage may appear.

·Unable to use image tap or drag

·The image may be displayed in a different color than the loaded image.


UtilityOpen Source

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Released 21 May 2001
Language Support Japanese
Popularity 2379
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By watamario15
Submitted On 01 February 2024


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