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Ng for Win32 0.8

Open Source
EMACs type editor
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Ng is a Japanese version of MG (Micro GNU Emacs), a type of MicroEmacs that provides the same operating feel as Emacs, which is a famous editor. Emacs, later called Micro Nemacs.

Ng has a very long history, and active development dates back to around 1990. It was originally developed as an editor for UNIX, and was later ported to MS-DOS.

Ng became less active with the advent of the Windows era, and no updates were made until recently after his 1.3L in 1992. However, around December 1998, Eiichiro Ito ported Ng to the English version of Windows CE based on the MS-DOS version, and what Tillanosoft is offering this time is a Japanese version based on Eiichiro Ito's ported version 0.12. This is a version ported to Windows CE (the corresponding MG version is 2a and the Ng version is 1.3L).
Ng for Win32 diagram
Ng for Win32

Being a "Micro" Emacs, it has very limited functionality compared to, for example, GNU Emacs. However, the key bindings have a very GNU Emacs feel, and the essence of using "buffers" to open multiple files at the same time and displaying one file in multiple "windows" is exactly what he did. Let's say that it is Emacs.

Also, since it is a "Micro" Emacs, whereas with GNU Emacs it was necessary to install a file of several tens of MB to install a Lisp library, with Ng you only need to install a single executable file (about 200KB). It is possible.
Pocket PC version
Pocket PC version

Here are some of the distinctive points of Ng for Win32, including those mentioned above.

Provides the essence of Emacs

His Emacs is compact, with key bindings, the concept of buffers, multiple edit windows using C-x 2, and more.
Provides dired functionality

Provides the core functionality of dired (directory editor) provided by GNU Emacs. Tillanosoft also added dired-do-shell-command, which allows you to run files from within dired. This allows you to use dired as a simple launcher.
Providing auto-fill-mode, which is ideal for creating emails, etc.

auto-fill-mode is a function that automatically wraps text at a predetermined column position when creating a text. In auto-fill-mode of Ng (and Emacs), it is possible to specify the left side and wrapping position, so even if you edit it after inputting it and it becomes uneven, you can re-align it again. (fill-paragraph).


EditorOpen Source

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://geocities.co.jp/siliconvalley-paloalto/5006/index-e.html
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 28 January 2007
Language Support Japanese
Popularity 2873
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 03 February 2024


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