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KanjiIn 0.22

Japanese Language Kanji Input Editor
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This is a program that realizes FEP function on English version WindowsCE
. KanjiIn separates the simple FEP function that was originally built into KPAD and makes it independent.
This is a built-in application.

Also, under the English version of WindowsCE V2.0, by using KanjiIn,
Enter Japanese into built-in apps such as Pocket Word and Pocket Excel
It is also possible.

This program also works under the Japanese version of WindowsCE, but
There is no advantage to using KanjiIn as its functionality is lower than the included FEP.

The latest version of this program and the files required for operation are


It can be obtained from.

* Update Information

* Added JIS option to menu. I want to temporarily paste JIS
* Changed the window management method. You can also adjust the screen size and position.
did. (V0.19)
* Adjusted to allow kanji input in various V2.0 applications
. (V0.20)
* Enabled to convert full-width "-" to half-width. (V0.21)


When you start KanjiIn for the first time, a setup dialog will appear. here
You must specify the full path name of the dictionary file transferred to the H/PC.

In the setup dialog, press the Dictionary button to open the file.
A pop-up dialog will appear, so search for the dictionary file you just transferred,
Please specify.

Also, if you are using KCTRL (US V2.0 version) on the English version of WindowsCE V2.0,
Make sure the JIS checkbox is cleared.
If not, characters may become garbled when copied to Pocket Word etc.

Below is a brief explanation of the setup items. Set as required

Item Description
Dictionary Specify the full path name of the dictionary file.
When you press the button, a file open dialog appears and a list
You can specify the dictionary file from

If Pre-Paste KanjiIn is not directly supported,
Wait will transfer the input string, but KanjiIn will transfer the input string to the desired app.
The process from switching to the application to actually pasting
Specify the number of seconds in units of 1/10th of a second.
Default is 10 (1 second).

Post-Paste Clipboard path if KanjiIn is not directly supported.
The input string is transferred using Wait, but it does not work after pasting.
Specify the number of seconds to return to KanjiIn in units of 1/10th of a second.
Default is 10 (1 second).

Quick send When converting, if you want to confirm the input string every time you partially convert
Please check.
Default is unchecked.

JIS code can be copied via clipboard such as JIS KPad or Inbox.
Please check this if you are using a code. input characters
The column will be converted to JIS code and copied.
Default is checked.

In addition, if you are using KCTRL (US V2.0 version), please use this check.
Please uncheck it.

If you uninstall KanjiIn, press the UnInst button on this screen.

To display the setup screen at times other than when starting up, click the bottom right corner of the screen after starting KanjiIn.
Click the "Chinese" icon that appears in the notification area and select Setup.

After the setup at the first startup, KanjiIn will close once, so restart it.


There are two ways to start KanjiIn. Commonly used are HotKey and Fn.
This is a method to start KanjiIn using assigned key operations. in this case
, even apps that are not compatible with KanjiIn, such as Pelican and Pocket Word.
You can use KanjiIn.

In this case, a kanji input window will appear, so enter the roman characters here.
When you press Enter, the string you entered will be passed to the application below.
will be done. Then, after the string is passed, the input window appears again.
You can continue to enter the information. If you want to stop inputting, press ESC key
Please press.

*In the case of Pocket Excel, the input window will not be redisplayed.

Press ALT+Space in apps that support KanjiIn, such as Console.
and KanjiIn will start. However, the input window does not appear. Bottom right of screen
When the icon in the notification area is displayed as "Kan", enter something.
Then, an input window will automatically appear and you will be able to input Japanese.

If you press ALT+Space again, this time the icon will change to "A" and it will work normally.
You can now enter alphabets.

Please note that once KanjiIn is started, it resides permanently. Cancel resident status and terminate
To do this, hold down the ALT key and click the "Kan" icon in the notification area.
Or click and select Exit from the menu that appears.

* Adding item to a Dictionary

To add an item to the dictionary in KanjiIn, create the string you want to register on the left side of |>.
and press ALT+A. Then, you will be asked to enter the reading, so register.
Please enter the reading of the string and press Enter.

*Please note that it may take some time to register the dictionary.

* Usage

Key input in KanjiIn
?Let's talk about force manipulation.

Key operation Description
Space conversion
Enter Confirm/Send
ESC Cancel confirmation, clear input window
? Partial confirmation
? Previous item
? Target range reduction
? Expansion of scope
ALT+A dictionary registration
BS retreat
Ctrl+U Convert to full-width hiragana
Ctrl+I Convert to full-width katakana
Ctrl+O Convert to half-width
Ctrl+P Convert to full-width alphanumeric characters
ALT+J JIS mode toggle

Installation Instructions

Requires KCTRL .dll

*Description of Package

A description of the files included in the package.

* KANJIIN.EXE ---Program body
* KANJIIN.TXT ---This document

* Prepare for Installation

This package includes the Japanese display DLL and dictionary file for displaying Japanese.
is not included. Please obtain them by yourself.

The dictionary file uses the same dictionary as KMEMO, JMEMO, and FEP100.
. From the 15th library of the Nifty-Serve FHPPC forum, a dictionary for JMEMO and
It is available.

*All you need is the dictionary file (JISYO.DIC) and the dictionary index
(JISYO.IDX) is not required.

You can also use the SKK (Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program) dictionary.
You can also. To obtain,

* http://skk.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp/skk/index-j.html
* Nifty-Serve FUNIX Forum No. 1 Library #73,74

You can do it from (The version of the one on Nifty is old)

The kanji code for SKK's dictionary is EUC, so shift JIS
needs to be converted to .
In addition to dictionary entries, SKK's dictionary also includes comments starting with ";".
Contains rows. Enter this line in an editor in advance.
Please delete it.

The SKK dictionary with the above conversion is available at the following location. Hurry up
Please use this if this is the case.

* http://www.oohito.com/
* http://member.nifty.ne.jp/oohito/
(Follow the Data link)

* Installation

1. Please install KCTRL. For installation method, please refer to the document attached to KCTRL.
please refer.

2. Prepare the dictionary file referring to the previous section. Once prepared
, please transfer it to an appropriate folder on your H/PC. However, the transferred location
Please remember this as you will need to specify it later.

3. Transfer KanjiIn.exe to one of the following folders on your H/PC

*\Windows folder
* Root (\) folder
* \Storage Card folder or \PC Card folder

4. Use Hiraide's HotKey or Fn included with Cassiopeia to set a specific key.
Please allocate KanjiIn.exe. By doing this, it will be compatible with KanjiIn.
It is now possible to start her KanjiIn even if the application is not installed.

That's all for the introduction. Next, proceed to setup.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website https://oohito.com/nqthm/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Released 23 September 2000
Popularity 2401
Total Downloads  2
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 16 February 2024


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