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KN Memopad 0.12

Simple Memo Pad
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Simple Memo Pad
A simple memo app. It has functions for saving/loading files, searching for strings, wrapping lines, and setting fonts.
You can also look up the meaning of the selected word in an English-Japanese dictionary.

How to use
See Running CE apps for installation and launch instructions.
You cannot edit Japanese text with this app alone. Please use the following apps together.
ceOpener - use Japanese fonts
InputSwitch - Input hiragana, kanji, etc. (simple FEP)
Load file/Load saved file/Load saved file/Load saved file/Save
You can load/save files from the [File] menu. Can handle Shift-JIS format files.

Edit TextEdit
From the [Edit] menu, you can cut, copy, and paste text.
Select Edit > Begin Select to begin selecting text. After selecting text with the cursor keys,
You can perform cut and copy operations.
Search String Search String Search String Search String
Select Edit > Find... and a string input box will appear. Enter the string you want to search for and click
Press the Set key.
Edit > Find Next finds the next match.
Please note that the search is not case sensitive.
Search with an English-Japanese dictionary Search with an English-Japanese dictionary Search with an English-Japanese dictionary Search with an English-Japanese dictionary
Select a word, then choose Tools > Lookup... to look up its meaning in Brain's English-Japanese dictionary.
to come.
Line wrapping, font selection line wrapping, font selection line wrapping, font selection line wrapping, font selection

Select Tools > Wordwrap to enable line wrapping.
Select [Tools] > [Fonts...] to select any font (fixed pitch only) from the font selection screen.

Files larger than 64KB cannot be edited.

0.12 (2011/5/7)
Replaced the dialog with a new one.
The settings are now saved to a file.
0.11 (2010/6/19)
Added a link function to English-Japanese dictionary.
0.10 (2010/6/3)
The dialog layout was revised. (Common DLL)
The name of the file being edited is now displayed in the window title.
0.3 (2009/12/23)
Changed the target CPU type during build from armv4 to armv4i.
Replaced common DLL with v0.6 version.
0.2 (2009/7/18)
Implemented search function.
Expanded editable file size from 32KB to 64KB.
When opening a file, the previous directory path is now reflected in the dialog.
Fixed an issue that caused abnormal termination when opening files such as ROM attributes.
0.1 (2009/7/12)
First edition



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Released 07 May 2011
Popularity 2945
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 03 April 2024


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