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Pocket Plan 3.01

Planning software
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Screenshot of Target checklist for planning components
Screenshot of Gantt style chart for HPC
Screenshot of Target checklist for planning components


Pocket Plan is a project planner which is similar to, and compatible with, Microsoft Project. Pocket Plan is supported on Windows Mobile*/Pocket PC and HPC 2000 devices.

Imagine you're a project manager and you are in a meeting with your boss and he says "we need that project finishing two months early - how many extra people do you need"? ...so you take your Pocket PC out of your jacket and using Pocket Plan come up with an answer straight away!

That is the power of Pocket Plan running on a Pocket/Handheld PC - take your project plans with you wherever you go, without having to carry a heavy laptop! Update plans at a moments notice and then sync the plan with your desktop PC when your return to the office.

If you are using a shareware version and need a registration code, feel free to use the following to enable full functionality:
Product Username Code
Plan for Windows freeware 05909
Plan for Psion freeware uBErKLrR
Plan5 for Psion freeware cUReTDdE
Pocket Plan freeware 45077
Plan for Nokia freeware m3pfafybbpf
Plan for UIQ freeware 32277

Installation Instructions

Copy CAB file to handheld and tap on it to install.


ExemptionwarepresentationorganizationplanningProject Management

License Exemptionware
The developer has explicity chosen to make available a program that was formerly a commercial product, however is explcitly re-licencing the program (without necessary changing the legal disclaimers within) to remove any and all statements of liability.
Website http://www.twiddlebit.com
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Popularity 568
Total Downloads  89
Submitted By Rich Hawley
Submitted On 08 March 2014


roychanyl 05 March 2022 at 6:59:45 PM
Twiddlebit software already offered this software as freeware since November 2017. It is stated at their website.
C:Amie 12 March 2022 at 12:16:36 PM
Thanks for the tip @roychanyl. I have updated the SCL record and refreshed the file downloads accordingly.

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