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Windows 95 Patches & Updates Guide


Securing Windows 95 is a difficult task. Updates are not longer provided for the core operating system, and for most of the main system components.

It is important to remember if using Windows 95 that it is no longer a supported Operating System. You will find that the software required to provide additional security will not function. As a result we recommend that you look to upgrading your Operating System to a newer one.
If you must use Windows 95, we recommend that you do not directly connect the system to the Internet and minimise any network shares that you setup on the computer. Do not serve any information to the Internet from your system, such as using Personal Web Server to host a web site.

This guide is primarily aimed at Windows 95 RTM users, but applies to all of the following Windows 95 Releases

  • 4.00.950 (RTM)
  • 4.00.950A (Service Pack 1 / OEM SR1)
  • 4.00.950B - 4.00.1111 b (OEM SR2)
  • 4.00.950B - 4.03.1212-1214 (OEM SR2.1)
  • 4.00.950C - 4.03.1214 (OEM SR2.5)

If you can start with a fresh install of Windows 95 we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Perform a fully custom installation
  2. Only select the optional components that YOU need
  3. Do not install Dial-up networking if you do not need dial-up
  4. Do not install LAN components unless you need it
  5. When installing a LAN, make sure not to install unneeded components and protocols.
    NetBEUI and IPX/SPX are installed by default, where as TCP/IP isn't. Usually only TCP/IP is needed

Recommended Installation Procedure

Before installing any operating system it is important to have all of the pieces of information and software that you will need in order to successfully get up and running.
The main information that you will require are:

  1. Product Installation Key
  2. Network information (If Applicable)
  3. Make and Model of your system hardware
  4. System Drivers, (notably Display, Modem and Network)

Drivers will have come with your PC, its hardware or both. It is important to note however that these drivers may not be current versions. Having updated drivers can provide significant performance benefits for your PC. We recommend that you crate a list of all the manufacturers of your system hardware and then check their web sites for current drivers.

NB: If you are installing a Network Interface Card in your PC, ensure that you have its drivers on a floppy disk.

  1. Begin the Windows 95 Setup program
  2. Enter your Name, Company information and product key when prompted
  3. When prompted to chose an installation type select Custom
  4. Go through each of the Installation Options and choose the components that you need, click Details to see more on each category
  5. Allow the hardware scanner to search for all hardware devices
  6. On the Network Installation Screen, if you need a Network Card and it wasn't automatically detected add it using the drivers on the floppy disk.
  7. Ensure that you only install the protocols that you need. Most LAN's require TCP/IP and not NetBEUI or IPX/SPX
  8. On most Networks "Client For Microsoft Networks" is only required "Client for Novell Networks" can be removed
  9. Add and Enable File and Print sharing Only if you need it
  10. Complete the installation, providing additional drivers and information if required
  11. Once on the Windows 95 Desktop, install the rest of your Hardware drivers
  12. Install the Service Packs and SRP's section from the Patches and Updates Guide below
  13. Install Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 and the Desktop Shell Update+*^
  14. Follow through the rest of the Windows 95 Patches & Updates Guide (Below), installing the updates, fixes and add-ons listed
  15. If you use Dial-up networking on your PC, ensure that you install the Dial-up Networking 1.4 Update
  16. If your PC has an Infrared port & you wish to use it to sync your Handheld PC install Infrared Transfer 1.0 & IrDA 2.0 Infrared Drivers
  17. Install your preferred web browser if you wish to use an additional one, ensuring you have the latest version
  18. Visit Windows Update to check for anything additional that you are missing on your system configuration

* Although you may not actively use Microsoft Internet Explorer, installing it updates system components and security. Many other applications that you will need in order to Synchronise with your Handheld PC will require Internet Explorer. It is best to do it now

+ The Desktop Shell Update is not available in Internet Explorer 5. Installing Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 will install the Shell update, then install IE 5.5 SP2 afterwards. HPC Factor offers a IE 5.5 SP2 with Active Desktop as a download here

^ Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 and Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 are no longer available for download from Microsoft.com

Windows 95 Patches & Updates Guide

The following list of updates will provide you with the highest level of security available to Windows 95. The Approximate total download size of all the listed updates is 54.9MB

Want to download all of these updates from us? If you would like to make a donation to help towards our running costs, we will provide you with a download link to the files. Find out more.


This guide assumes a certain level of system components have already been updated. These are the prerequisites for the installation:

Service Packs and SRPs

Critical Updates

Q168115 Legacy Credential Caching Vulnerability Patch
Q238453 Spoofed Route Pointer Vulnerability Patch
Q240163 Buffer Overrun in Telnet in Windows Security Patch
Q240308 Scriptlet.Typelib, Eyedog & BubbleBoy Virus Security Patches
Q245729 File Access URL Update
Q249863 SGC Connections May Fail from Domestic Clients
Q249973 Malformed RTF Control Word Patch
Q256015 DOS Device in Path Name Update
Q259728 IP Fragment Reassembly Security Update
Q273991 Share Level Password Vulnerability Patch
Q293818 Erroneous VeriSign-Issued Digital Certificates Hazard
Q296441 WebDAV Service Provider Can Allow Script Requests
Q823718 Security Update for MDAC

The Following Vary on Installation Options & Configuration:
Q137589 Cover Pages May Be Unavailable in Microsoft Fax
Q140479 Plus! Updated Sage.dll File Corrects Floating-Point Math Errors
Q168909 OEM SR2 Update
Q192841 OEM SR2 AMD K6-2 350 Update

Q263305 High-Encryption Configuration Prevents Outlook Express Replies (France Regional Only)
Q271216 E-mail Issues Between 128 & 56-Bit Encryption Using French Regional (France Regional Only)

Recommended Updates

2 to 4 digit Date Converter
Agent 2.0

Backup Update
Corporate Year 2000 Update
DCOM 95 1.3
Euro Currency Support
Jet 4.0 SP8
Q132807 Enhanced Encryption for Windows Password Cache
Q162500 Microsoft Paint Update 95
Q216641 49.7 Days System Stall Update
Q816093 Microsoft Java Virtual Machine 5.00.3810
Root Certificates Update
Windows Installer 2.0
Windows Socket 2 Update
Windows Socket kernel 32 Update

The Following Vary on Installation Options & Configuration:
Fax Update
Exchange Update
Infrared Transfer 1.0
IrDA 2.0 Infrared Drivers
Dial Up Networking 1.4


Windows Font Smoother

Internet Explorer QFE's

Q319303 Internet Explorer Navigation Sound Update
Q834707 Cumulative IE Security Update October 12 2004
Q837009 Cumulative Patch for Outlook Express April 2004

Windows Media Player QFE's

Q272386 Disable Windows Media Player Upgrade Prompt
Windows Media Player Rollup Available

Additional Installation Items