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PocketJet I Driver

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Pentax PocketJet I Driver

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Pentax PocketJet I Driver.

To install the PocketJet printer drivers to a single HPC (or if
installing to a different HPC that is running a DIFFERENT version
of the Windows CE operating system):

(Note: The acronym "HPC" is an acronym for "Handheld Personal Computer".
This refers to your Windows CE device.)

To install the PocketJet printer driver to a single HPC:
1. Make sure the Windows CE Services are installed on your PC.
See your HPC User's Guide for instructions.
2. Connect the desktop PC to the HPC using the serial
(synchronization) cable and instructions provided with your HPC.
3. Place the PocketJet Installation diskette into drive A:
4. Select "Start: Run" and enter "a:\wince\PJ1setup.exe."
5. Follow the on-screen instructions
Note: It is VERY important that you select the correct version of
Windows CE, either CE2.0 or CE2.1 during the installation process.
Refer to onscreen instructions for how to determine this if you
do not know.

To install the PocketJet printer driver to more than one HPC or
on another HPC at a later time (if subsequent HPC's have the SAME
version of the Windows CE operating system):
1. Follow the instructions above to install the drivers for a single
HPC. This will place the driver files on your PC's hard drive during
the installation process.
2. Connect your PC to the second HPC using the serial
(synchronization) cable.
3. Click on the Mobile Devices icon and, from the Tools menu,
select the Application Manager. This will display a list of software
that you can install on your HPC (unchecked) and that is already
installed on your HPC (checked [white if installed from this PC,
gray if installed from another PC or if it does not use Application
4. Check the drivers you want to install on the new HPC and select OK.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 as necessary.

To install the PocketJet printer driver to more than one HPC or
on another HPC at a later time (if subsequent HPC's have a DIFFERENT
version of the Windows CE operating system):
1. Follow the steps above for installing to a single HPC.

To Uninstall:

Method 1 - If your HPC is connected to a desktop PC:
1. On your desktop PC, double click the Mobile Devices icon on the PC
2. Under the Tools Menu, select Application Manager.
3. To uninstall the printer driver only from the HPC and not from
your PC, uncheck the driver(s) you want to remove and select "OK"
- OR -
To uninstall the printer driver from both the HPC and the PC:
Highlight the driver(s) you want to remove and select "Remove..."

Method 2 - If your HPC is NOT connected to a desktop PC:
(This will remove the driver from your HPC only.)
1. On your HPC, select "Start:Settings:Control Panel" and double tap
the "Remove Programs" icon on the HPC.
2. Highlight the driver that you want to remove and tap "Remove."

II. Custom Features of WinCE driver

1. Custom features can be accessed in two ways: responding to the
"print-time" dialog that shows up for every print job, or using the
"PocketJet" Control Panel applet that is accessed via
"Start:Settings:Control Panel" and then double-tapping the
"PocketJet" icon.
2. On each, the default choice of "Show this dialog at print time" will
be enabled. At print time, this dialog will come up after you select
the PocketJet print driver from the main print dialog and
select OK. If you "uncheck" the "Show this dialog at print time" box,
then the same settings you last used will be used for all future
print jobs until changed in the Control Panel. Once you disable
showing the print-time dialog, you must use the Control Panel to
change settings or to re-enable showing the dialog at print-time.

III. Interface Options

1. Parallel cable: PocketJet comes standard (as of now) with a
parallel cable. This cable is for use with desktop or laptop PC's
running Windows 3.x, 9x, or NT4. It will not work on most WinCE devices,
unless the CE device is equipped with a parallel port.

2. Irda: We currently have available a limited supply of Irda adapters.
You may purchase one of these if the cable provided does not
work with your device or if you would prefer to go "wireless". We are
currently developing a new Irda cable adapter, but the availability of
this cable is unknown at this time.

Note: Adding Irda support with the currently available adapter
requires that you send your printer in for servicing.

Warning: This servicing will FOREVER disable the ability to use the
serial port interface on the PocketJet.

3. 6" serial cable: PocketJet has an optional 6" cable for use with
Windows CE and Psion. This cable actually converts serial data to
parallel. It requires the following settings: "baud rate" is 57600,
"Data Bits" is 8, "Stop Bits" is 1, and "Parity" is None.

We have 2 versions of this cable. Version 1 supports only "Software"
handshaking. Version 2 supports both "Software" and "Hardware"

Version 1 works with most CE2.0 devices and Psion Series 5. But, it
has problems with many CE2.1 devices.

Version 2 works with most CE2.0 and CE2.1 devices and Psion Series 5
in one or both handshaking options. Experiment with your device to
determine which method works best.

System Requirements:

Windows CE 2.00 - 2.11
MIPS, SH3, X86, ARM, SH4


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