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XAudio SDK 3.XX


Available Downloads: 13
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xanalyze100.zip0.04 MB8D292160189B65D98A8EC55D02A7BDE9 
xasdk201.zip0.70 MBE0F6AAACE422F4EEE2EF2ADD9ED333D1 
xasdk210.zip0.61 MB6E76C1CBC2630F3498DD576E447C6441 
xasdk301.zip0.79 MB7DDEB51FD93995BAD727FC8FE2EE777B 
xasdk301dos.zip0.22 MB5B76C9002005AB3BCA85FCECA8524A46 
xasdk307.zip0.75 MB5F38A7852C0AF90E02CDE3F33909E1F2 
xasdk308d.zip0.79 MB79237F8C64F98F6D7CBC887359FDB17E 
xasdk321.zip0.65 MBF581B515BE4A7121E06837EF80AA52A2 
xasdk328.zip0.91 MB2185A2A4C1122BFDBEF01ED3F7FC1CAF 
xasdk328c.zip0.94 MB1BC0D920D0521757D8D395B3DC820A25 
xasdk328d.zip0.32 MB525D41AEC8CC776AD5A5404A7C868586 
xasdk329.zip1.16 MBF95145028F6E187C2129C6016506E120 
xasdkwatcom.zip0.30 MBBCE54D6FF19B440ACF035D9A41D5BAC1 
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