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NS Basic/CE Samples 1.0

Programming Samples for NS Basic/CE
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A text file containing some BASIC Samples. You can download this to your HPC and use PocketWord to view it.

Written by Tomas Uvira of PDA Technology in the Czech Republic, this program shows what ADOCE tables are on your system, and lets you see what fields and records are set up (requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

Written by Tomas Uvira of PDA Technology in the Czech Republic, this program shows how to write an application to capture drawings. Includes lines, free drawing and undo.(requires NS Basic Runtime)

Program in NSBCE that plays a movie. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

Program that illustrates a displays a color representation of a social network. Developed by Professor Linton Freeman of the Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, School of Social Sciences, University of California, as part of a dissertation by Leo Brajkovick. Good use of drawing and color functions. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

This program is a metric to imperial converter. It converts distance, area, liquids and weights. It uses the TreeView and ImageList ActiveX objects. Developed by Borut Lunder in Slovenia. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

This is a stunning program. It is an effective forms designer for NS Basic/CE, written in NS Basic/CE. Design your form graphically, then include it in your program. It also establishes a new standard of what can be done with NS Basic/CE. Written by Dirk Schnorpfeil (Germany). Updated April 26, 1999. (Requires full NS Basic/CE licence.)

This is a CE version of that classic game, Scramble. Extra features are that it keeps statistics and shows sample moves. Good graphics and use of buttons. By Tom Clarke.(requires NS Basic Runtime)

This program demonstrates the use of ADOCE to create and search a database, and produces benchmark results. It also demonstrates the VBCEMiscUtil object. By Tim Trimble. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

This program calculates and displays a graph of your biorythm. Good use of drawing and color functions. Developed by Borut Lunder in Slovenia. Updated Apr 28, 1999 with help file. (requires NS Basic Runtime and VBCEMisc control)

This program calculates and displays Martin maps, which appeared in Scientific American's Mathematical Games column. Good use of drawing and color functions, and use of the ADOCE database as a bonus. Includes good documentation and a sample database. Developed by John Hall. (requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

A small utility which allows the user to enter, load and save SQL queries and to comfortably view the query results in a grid. Written by Dirk Schnorpfeil (Germany). (requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

This program demonstrates how to use NS Basic/CE to read from the built in Tasks, Calendar, Appointment and Cities files. It also shows you how easy it is to create a new Task from NS Basic/CE - Appointments and Calendar items can be created just as easily. Requires PIMStore.DLL

Get ready for this: a complete mini-explorer, written in NS Basic/CE. It demonstates the use of the newly available Image, ImageList, TreeView and ListView objects. Developed by Borut Lunder in Slovenia. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

This is a slick implementation of the solitare card game, "Pyramid". It makes use of the S309PictureBox control. Both are developed by Terry Myhrer. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

Visual3Dª © 1999 by Serg Koren. All rights reserved. Visual3Dª is a 3D graphics library for use with NSBasic. Visual3Dª is an extensive set of graphic routines that allow developers to easily include 3D graphics in their NSBasic programs. Visual3Dª comes with an extensive example program in source code form as well as complete documentation. The Visual3Dª library has over 35 documented routines including:

3D - Orthogonal, Stereoscopic, Perspective, Hidden Line Support
Matrix operations
Utility functions.

Visual3Dª is shareware and costs $15.00

PalmDb was written specifically for the PPC platform running Windows CE v2.11 and runs under nsBasic Runtime using ADOCE support files. This allows the PPC user to create, modify, or delete records and/or tables both in the internal data store as well as in external Pocket Access database files. Developed by Greg Kelley. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

An amateur radio logbook of sorts which uses ADOCE to create a data table, lets you add, update, delete, query and view the database and displays a running log using a listview control. Developed by Mark Gamber. (requires ADOCE, ListView and NS Basic Runtime)

A good example of how to use ADOCE. Tony calls it "ADOCE 102: An Introduction". Developed by Tony Scarpelli(requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

A color picker. It displays a grid of colors, you pick the color you want and it displays the number of the color that you can then copy and paste into your program. Developed by Tony Scarpelli(requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

Displays the ascii numeric equivilents of the character set. Developed by Tony Scarpelli(requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

Dose Calculator calculates doses of chemotherapeutic agents used for treatment of different type of cancer. In demo version only protocols for treatment of breast cancer are available. A complete version of Dose Calculator CE (shareware, $10.00) is here. By Borut Lunder(requires NS Basic Runtime)

This program contains a number of database utilities. You can list tables and indexes on a device, open and close tables, create and delete tables and indexes, create fields, list records, and set the sorts for a table. By Tony Scarpelli (requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

The purpose of InWatch is to monitor the installations of all the little sharewares that we install on our HPC's. Often times the uninstall features of a program don't always do a good job, and leave files behind. InWatch monitors installations and ensures complete uninstallations. By Wade Carlson (requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

MillenumCalc is an easy to use, optimized calculator with common operations, complex number operations and statistics operations like linear regression. It has also storage registers from 0 to 9. It can also solve an equation of the form : ax^2 + bx + c = 0. This program won an Honorable Mention in the first NS Basic/CE programming contest. Updated 8/8/00. Developed by Zeev Hershcu, from Israel. (requires NS Basic Runtime)

Organize your CDs with this contest winning program! Developed by Jose Merhi, from Venezuela. (requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

Useful and easy to use program to keep CD keys, Serials, and Paswwords. Developed by JosŽ Merhi, from Venezuela. (requires NS Basic Runtime and ADOCE)

NSassist is a helper program for NS Basic/CE developers. It helps create complex statements and objects. Contest Honorable Mention. Updated 4/4/00. Developed by Franco Epifani , from Italy. (requires full NS Basic)

A new NS Basic/CE program from italy. Updated to 1.1 on May 6, 2000. Developed by Franco Epifani , from Italy.

The attached Zip file contains a couple programs and a Word document about how to make an ADOCE database for passwords. Some people have been asking how to use some of those ADOCE Utilities that I gave you a way back. By Tony Scarpelli

I played around with scrollbars and scrolling and zooming feature of the picturebox object. I included a little test program that uses this features. Maybe it would be interesting for other users of NSBasic/CE. By Dirk Schnorpfeil

This is a simple little utility to change the Due Date of multiple Tasks in a single step. By Dave Glass

A new program called MyWallet for Palm PCs. By JosŽ Merhi

PalmDB are functions for encrypt/decrypt, ADO data access, etc. so even if you don't use the entire application, hopefully there are a few good code snippets of value. By Greg Kelly


NS Basic/CE

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.nsbasic.com
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Popularity 1796
Total Downloads  2
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 14 October 2021


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