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MyTools 1.36

Multipurpose utility
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Interesting little utility that does several things. First it shows you the status of your battery, memory, and enables a startup sound when powering on. It also provides quick access to the built in world clock.

The most important part of the program is called "Jot Notes" which is a text editing utiility that allows you to write quick and simple notes while simulaneously allowing you to make simple drawings on the opposite side of the screen.

"My Tools for Windows CE" is a utility software for display memory status, batteries status, and current day on Task bar area.

Power-On Sound Effect
Add option to disable Date & time display.
Colour Supported
Unicode Chinese/Japanese characters support in Jot notes (for WindowsCE 2.0 only).
Calendar Window.
Close current window (for Palmsized PC only).
Pocket-PC confirmed: complied for PocketPC.
HPC Pro comfirmed: complied for HPC Pro and ARM CPU.
WindowsCE 1.0, 2.0, 2.11, 3.00, Palm-size PC and PocketPC compatible


HotKey [Alt]+[/] to pop up Mini-Calculator
HotKey [Alt]+[-] to pop up Status Dialog
HotKey [Alt]+[=] to pop up Jot Notes Window
HotKey [Alt]+[\] to pop up Menu.
Close current window, Palmsized PC only.
Trim the Time & Date display size.
Analog Clock display
Run applications
Online calendar window
Free memory status
Batteries status
** batteries is different from each machine, some of them can report with percentages, some can't.
Timer for usage on batteries.
Timer for Network/Modem connection.
Power-on sound effect
** select your own sound wave file (.wav)
Jot notes with pen input, or key-in text
PC Card Storage Card Status
** only available for WindowsCE v2.
Date, month and time display
** only available for WindowsCE v2. Date and month display for WindowsCE v1.

Installation Instructions

Copy .exe file to handheld and tap on it to run. Access program from service tray.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2320
Total Downloads  2
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 08 August 2022


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