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Console 0.28

Open Source
Console program
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* Introduction

This is a program that implements console functionality on WindowsCE.
CONSOLE takes over the output of the CE console application (*1) and outputs each
Give the appropriate input to .

(*1) The CE console app is an installation required by Console for CE.
This is a program that satisfies the interface. Compatible with NT and 95
This is different from the sole application.

(*2) This does not run any DOS programs.

Note that Console for CE has no meaning on its own. CE console app
This package includes the CE console app.
As an example, we have prepared a DOS-like shell.

The latest version of this program and the files required for operation are


It can be obtained from.

* Update information

The corrections are as follows.

* Fixed a bug that caused the current directory to become incorrect at startup.
* Fixed a bug where the JP version would hang if start was executed without an argument.
* Ctrl+C now works while executing PS commands.
* Improved the method of starting KanjiIn.
* Fixed a bug related to TAB display.
* Yasuhiro Mizukoshi now processes ESC sequences in Console.
Ta. (V0.22)
* Added support for pasting clipboard contents. (V0.22)
* Supports reverse display. (V0.23)
* Bug fix for reverse display. (V0.24)
* Minimized the menu for PalmPC. (V0.24)
* Changed to alphanumeric mode when returning from KanjiIn. (V0.24)
* By Fjw, special graphic characters can now be displayed easily.
It became. (V0.25)
* Separated the source of the FEP control section. (V0.25)
* CEShell now obtains the PATH at startup. (V0.25)
* Added sample program for battery check. (V0.25)
* Supported UNC(\\Server\Sharename) in CEShell. (V0.26)
* Console itself will now close when there is no client app.
(This is the default behavior. If you want the same behavior as before,
*See Environment Variables)
* Renamed CECalc.exe to =.exe. (V0.26)

*Usage of Console

Console alone has little use. Most of the operations in the menu
It will be everything.

File - Break interrupts the wait when the CE console application is in the wait state.
You can cut it off. However, if Break is received on the CE console app side,
If you do not make sure to attach it properly, it will not work.

File - Exit displays a confirmation message if at least one CE console app is running.
page. If Yes, terminate the CE console app and also
Exit. However, in the case of a CE console application that has lost track of Console,
Console cannot be automatically terminated. In that case, use the kill command.
Please use Mando.

*Usage of CEShell

When you start CESHELL, the message "Starting CEShell V0.XX" appears.
The cursor will blink to the right of the prompt “\>”. Here normal DOS
You type commands like a prompt.

Description of each command

Command CD
Overview Folder movement
How to use cd directory
Note: You do not need to add "" when specifying the directory.

Command CLS
Overview Clear screen
How to use cls

Command COPY
Overview File copy
Usage copy source dest
Remarks Copies the file from source to dest. in the directory
It also supports files and wildcards.
Wildcard allowed

Command DEL
Overview File deletion
Usage del filename
Note: There is no confirmation for deletion even with wildcards, so be careful.
Wildcard allowed

Command DIR
Overview File list
Usage dir [directory]
Remarks If directory is omitted, the contents of the current directory will be displayed.
Wildcard allowed

Command DIR/P
Overview File list
Usage dir/p [directory]
Remarks Same as dir, but input is waited for each screen. Waiting for input
can be interrupted with "Ctrl+C" or "Q". just
However, if one line is long, it will not work correctly.
Wildcard allowed

Command ECHO
Overview Screen output
Usage echo [string]

Command EXIT
Overview End
How to use exit
Notes Exit CEShell.

Command HELP
Overview Help display
How to use help
Remarks Displays simple help.

Command KILL
Overview Window Close
Usage kill window-handle
Notes Close the window examined with ps. window-handle is one of ps
Please enter the second number from the left in the table.

Command MKDIR
Overview Folder creation
Usage mkdir directory
Remarks "" can be omitted.

Command MORE
Overview File display
Usage more filename
Remarks Displays the file contents. If it does not fit on one screen, click
- It will wait for input.

Command PS
Overview Window list
Usage ps [1|2]
Remarks Displays the window list. The list is from left to right:
dex, window-handle, window title.

Command REN
Overview File renaming
Usage ren source dest
Note: You can also move files.

Command RMDIR
Overview Folder deletion
Usage rmdir directory
Remarks "" can be omitted.

Command SET
Overview Environment variable setting/display
Usage set [var[=[value]]]
Remarks Display the list only with set. Display the corresponding variable with set ???.
Set the value with set ???=xxx. Cancel variable declaration with set ???=.

Command START
Overview Process startup
Usage start filename
Remarks Opens the specified file.

Command SWITCH
Overview Window switching
How to use switch window-handle
Notes Switch the screen to the window you checked with ps.
For window-handle, enter the second number from the left in the ps list.

Command TYPE
Overview File display
Usage type filename
Remarks Displays the file contents.

Command VER
Overview Version number display
How to use ver.
Remarks Displays the version numbers of CEShell and Console.

*Batch Execution

CEShell allows you to run batch programs much like DOS batch.
However, there are some restrictions, so please be careful when using it.

I will enumerate the main differences from DOS batch.

*.BAT extension is not required. "-filename" to start the batch
Add a "-" (hyphen) in front of the batch file name, like this.
* It is not possible to call a batch from within a batch.
* Batch execution is always in the "@echo off" state, and "echo on"
I can't.
* Only "EXIST" and "==" can be used in the IF statement. Also, each parameter
There must be spaces before and after.
Example) if "%1" == "" goto error
* Only "GOTO" can be used in IF statements.

Additionally, create a batch file named autoexec.ce in the root folder.
If you do this, it will be executed automatically when CEShell starts. below
It is useful to define environment variables.

*Example of Autoexec.ce*

set batdir=\pc card\batch
set path=\;\windows;\pc card;%batdir%

*Batch file example (mailer startup)*

start \windows\pmai.exe

*Environment Variables

CEShell allows you to define environment variables. This environment variable can be used in batch or command
Available on line.

Environment variables are expanded using input from a batch file or command line.
Masu. To expand, please surround the file with "%" like DOS. (example:

A special environment variable is PATH. This can be used as a batch or executable file.
Specifies the search order for files. However, the "start" command is affected.
I don't. By setting the PATH environment variable, the normal search path "\"
Even if the executable file is placed in a location other than "\Windows" or "\PC Card," it will run correctly.
It is possible to do so.

You can also save the batch file in a specific folder and add that folder to your PATH
By including it in , there is no need to enter the full path each time.

Other environment variables include:

* "CD" representing the current directory
* Exit code of the previous CE console app "RC"
* "FepOpt" automatically turns alphanumeric mode after KanjiIn ends
(Effective with set FepOpt=1)
* Console itself also closes when the client application closes.
(Enabled by default, same behavior as before with set ExitOnNoClient=0)

there is.


Support for this program is

* windowsce_users_jp mailing list
(Inquiry: http://www.tt.rim.or.jp/~hiraide/index.html)
* Email to GHC02331@niftyserve.or.jp

I will do it.

Installation Instructions

Some devices may require a DLL install from the "CONS028L.ZIP" file
Also requires KCTRL .dll

*Description of Package

A description of the files included in the package.

Program name content
CONSOLE.EXE console main program
CESHELL.EXE shell program (CE console application example)
=.EXE Integer Calculator (CE Console Application Example)
MEM.EXE memory usage status display (CE console application example)
BAT.EXE Battery status display (CE console application example)
CONSOLE.TXT This document

* Installation and Setup

Copy CONSOLE.EXE to one of the following folders on your H/PC.

Supported OS Root folder PC Card Storage Card Windows
Windows CE V1.0 ? ? × ?
Windows CE V1.01 ? × ? ?
Windows CE V2.0 ? × ? ?
Windows CE V2.11 ? × × ?

Files other than CONSOLE.EXE can be stored in any folder, but
If you do not specify the PATH environment variable, please store it in the root folder.

Additionally, CONSOLE relies on KCTRL.DLL for screen display. V0.13 or later
Please obtain KCTRL and install it on your H/PC. KCTRL's In
For details such as how to stall, please refer to the documentation included with KCTRL.


Start a CE console app such as CESHELL. CE console
When you start the application, CONSOLE will start automatically. If the startup time
If you are unable to complete the process and an error occurs, start CONSOLE first and try again.
Start the CE console app using Explore etc.


Open Sourcecommand lineconsolecmdcommand prompt

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website https://oohito.com/nqthm/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Released 17 May 1998
Popularity 1448
Total Downloads  22
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 24 September 2022


hassilon 05 September 2023 at 12:59:30 AM
I had the wrong version of KCTRL.dll. Works great on my 320.
torch 05 September 2023 at 9:25:51 AM
Thanks for the update! I’m glad it worked

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