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Pocket Tera Term 0.0

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Pocket Tera Term is a free software terminal emulator (communication program) for Windows CE.
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Pocket Tera Term is a free software terminal emulator (communication
program) for Windows CE. It supports VT100 emulation, TCP/IP (telnet)
connections, modem connections, serial port communications and so on.
The essential part of the functions that Tera Term (Pro) for MS Windows
3.1/95/NT has is implemented in Pocket Tera Term.
Design guideline

Pocket Tera Term is developed for:

Users who have much experience of PC (H/PC) communication applications, or,

Users who can study anything which is necessary for using the
software, by themselves, without asking the author questions.

Typical uses of Pocket Tera Term:

- Using as a mobile terminal. Connecting to a remote host
through telephone (or cellular phone) line,
and reading/writing e-mail messages or performing simple file
operations by using character-base utilities at the host.
One communication session is several minutes long at most.

- Controlling some electronic devices at laboratories or factories
by using character-base communication over a serial port.
Such operations should not cause fatal accidents.

If you are looking for easy methods to read e-mail messages or
to have access to a BBS, it may be better to find other applications.

Contacting the author

Please do not ask the author questions about usage of Pocket Tera Term!
If you have requests please read the following before sending them
to the author:

"3. Design guideline"
"8. Future plan"

Please also consider poor performances of Windows CE and H/PC.

Before you report a problem, please make sure that it is not
caused by a bad configuration of Pocket Tera Term or Windows CE.
If other applications also have the same problem, it may not
be a bug of Pocket Tera Term. When you report the problem to
the author, show the version number of Pocket Tera Term,
the model name of H/PC, and information which may be related to
the problem. If possible, please also show how to reproduce the

The author currently has two H/PCs, Cassiopeia A51 (Windows CE 1.01/2.0
Japanese version) and Compaq C810 (Windows CE 2.0 Japanese version).
Problems with other H/PCs may not be solved by the author.

Pocket Tera Term is released as a free software. Do not expect
too much from the author.

The e-mail address of the author:

Future plan

The following items may be supported in future.
Please do not ask the author about them and the schedule for them:

- Keyboard configuring.

- Buttons on the command bar. Pushing a button sends a user-defined
character string such as username and password.

- Scripts.

- Supporting Windows CE 2.0.

The following items will NOT be supported because they are
out of the design guideline (see "3. Design guideline"), or
because much effort is required for supporting them
while they are not so important.

- File transfer protocols such as Kermit, B Plus and X/Y/Zmodem.

- Non-VTXXX terminal emulation such as TEK4010, Televideo and Wyse.

- Online help in the Windows CE help format.

- Installer and uninstaller

- Guide for beginners


Aug. 9, 1999 Pocket Tera Term version 0.0
Apr. 21, 1998 Pocket Tera Term version 0.0 beta
Jan. 29, 1998 Development of Pocket Tera Term started.

Pocket Tera Term have been developed by modifying the source code
of Tera Term (Pro) for Windows 3.1/95/NT.
The author would like to thank everyone who have supported the
development of (Pocket) Tera Term (Pro).

System Requirements

Supported CPUs: SH3 and MIPS

Supported operating system: Windows CE 1.01
(It has been confirmed that Pocket Tera Term
also runs on some H/PCs based on Windows CE 2.0.)

Installation Instructions

This package consists of the following directories:

english\sh3 for Windows CE (English) & SH3 CPU (Cassiopeia)
english\mips for Windows CE (English) & MIPS CPU (Compaq)
japanese\sh3 for Windows CE (Japanese) & SH3 CPU
japanese\mips for Windows CE (Japanese) & MIPS CPU

Each directory corresponds to each combination of Windows CE version
and CPU type. Choose one directory and see files in the directory.

In the directory, you should find the following two files:

teraterm.exe Pocket Tera Term executable file
ttras.exe Dial utility for the Dial-up network (TCP/IP)

Copy these files from PC to H/PC.
The file "teraterm.exe" can be copied to an H/PC directory of your
choice (for example, "\Program Files\teraterm").
The file "ttras.exe" should be copied to the "\Windows" directory.
Otherwise, the dial utility can not work cooperatively with Pocket
Tera Term.

That's all for the installation.
Please read the file "usage.txt" for the usage of Pocket Tera Term.


Delete the following files in H/PC:


Files in the "\Windows" directory:
teraterm.* (any extension)


Telnetterminalvt100tera term

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Released 09 August 1999
Popularity 1718
Total Downloads  12
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 24 September 2022


ict 12 December 2022 at 5:53:23 PM
A basic but functional terminal emulator with telnet support that can be directly copied to a device or run from a card. Very useful for old CE1/2.x devices, and nice on newer devices too as it supports non-standard dimensions where other CE terminal emulators tend to lock you into 80/132-column only. Supports custom fonts, but not colors, so you're limited to black-on-white only.

Optimal dimensions using 8pt Courier New Font seem to be 103x15 for HVGA (640x240) systems and 103x35 for VGA (640x480) HPCs.
torch 13 December 2022 at 4:40:54 AM
There’s also this one for telnet. It’s still for sale and the developer still answers emails.
I know it’s for sale but still another option


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