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KVIEW 0.49

Open Source
KVIEW.EXE --- Japanese File Viewer V0.49 for WinCE
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KVIEW.EXE --- Japanese File Viewer V0.49 for WinCE

This is a Handheld PC or Palm-size PC (hereinafter referred to as
This is a Japanese file viewer that runs on a WindowsCE machine (abbreviated as WindowsCE machine).
You can view the contents of Japanese files, including JIS codes.

This version is compatible with KCTRL.KCTRL.DLL is already installed.
must be.

It also supports KCTRL (JP version).
Use KVIEW on a Japanese version of Windows CE machine by installing

Since it is a beta version, please be careful when using it.
The files on the machine to be operated are
Please back up your data in advance.

Installation Instructions

This version uses KCTRL.DLL to display Japanese.
Before running this program, install KCTRL.DLL version 0.13 or later on the HPC.
It must be installed.

KCTRL is available from the same place you obtained this package.
If you cannot obtain it, please obtain it from the following location.


For details on how to install KCTRL, please refer to the documentation that comes with KCTRL.

* Installation

1. Install KCTRL.DLL.
Refer to the KCTRL documentation and install KCTRL on the WindowsCE machine.
2. Copy the executable file to your WindowsCE machine.
Store KVIEW.EXE in one of the following folders on your WindowsCE machine.

* \ root folder
*\Windows folder
* \Storage Card folder (for WinCE V1.0(E), \PC
Card folder)

that's all.


If you select {Edit}-{Setup} from the menu, the setup dialog will appear.
will appear. The items that can be specified in the setup dialog are as follows.

Item name Description Unit
Tab Specify how many half-width characters to display TAB characters Half-width characters
HMargin Specifies the spacing between lines Dot
Editor Name of the app launched with the panda button


Run KVIEW.EXE from Pocket Explorer or {Start}-{Run...}.

*Associate Text files with KVIEW

If you use ASSOC.EXE, which is attached as a bonus, you can open files with any extension.
You can now launch KVIEW by simply double-clicking the file.

Below are the steps.

1. Transfer the attached ASSOC.EXE to the root folder of your WindowsCE machine.
2. Select {Start}-{Run...} from the WindowsCE machine and enter the following
(However, ASSOC and KVIEW use the full path when transferred to the WindowsCE machine.
(please specify name)

If you do the above, you can click a file with the extension ".LOG" on Explorer.
Just click on it and KVIEW will start.

*For English version WindowsCE machines, '\' is written above.
Enter the part using the key marked '\' on the keyboard.


Open Sourcejapanesekanjifile viewer

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website https://oohito.com/nqthm/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Released 06 November 1998
Popularity 1840
Total Downloads  9
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 27 September 2022


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