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infotec1110.exe0.21 MBB7EC37F525A79349534555B254343023 
infotec1120.exe0.21 MB5FBC7692C9DBD3B3D089295999881B0A 
infotec1210.exe0.39 MB197995905110D94D20C1D93808190025 
infotec1220.exe0.39 MB57EEE6935EE2E020E3D9E37DD1E8EC06 
infotec1310.exe0.21 MBAA080537AF69055624C89F2112EF2F2C 
infotec1320.exe0.21 MB11CA2BF9FE966B4B55AF8FB26A4CB23D 
infotec1330.exe0.21 MB7F2CEB1B2C66EFF6B03B9D2A2A601E25 
infotec1340.exe0.21 MBD859514A4D0DD44B67510554A6AFD19F 
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