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WMP-BS 0.4

Uses three Windows Media Player control buttons. It allots by the fact that the long pushing and the multiple pushing are supported and increases performance.
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A tool to make better use of the three Windows Media Player control buttons on the Jornada 720.
The assignment function is increased by supporting long press and multiple press.
In addition, since the display disappears after about 3 seconds have elapsed after the button is pressed, the battery lasts longer.
Since this is a prototype version, I think that the function will be changed (improved).
v0.1->0.3 Improved button assignment (?)
v0.3->0.4 changed to completely hide the window
Operation confirmation model: HP Jornada 720 (dedicated)
Compatible models: H/PC 2000
Compatible CPU: strongARM
Installation size: about 7KB
Size after installation: about 10KB


? After about 3 seconds have passed after the operation, the display is automatically turned off.
(Currently, the time cannot be changed.)
? Increase the assignment function by supporting long press and multiple press.
(As of now, the assignment cannot be changed.)
? It is a resident type program that functions only while it is running.
? Automatically hide the window.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2612
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 31 October 2022


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