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KlockPlus alpha-0.2

Open Source
KlockPlus is a clock app that can run on CASIO calculators and WinCE devices, and supports users to design watch faces
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Klock Plus is a clock App display tool that can run on PC/CASIO fx-9860/WinCE and other platforms.

And user-defined watch faces can be built on PC.

This project is open source under the BSD license.

How to use it on Windows CE

In order to be compatible with as many devices as possible, KlockPlus uses virtual keys on WinCE. The functions of the physical buttons are as follows:
Entity key Function
Arrow keys / Enter / Confirm Show/hide virtual keys
Under the arrow keys Flip screen orientation (on portrait devices)
Tab / Esc / Cancel Exit App
W, A, S, D Corresponding directions: up, down, left, right
K, L Corresponding to function keys A and B
Make a custom watch face

Users can write their own KBasic Scriptand use it KlockPlus Builderto build KWFformatted watch faces.
About KBasic

KBasic is a simple scripting language that expresses the drawing process. It is built using Builder and compiled into KRT bytecode (a simple stack-based virtual machine).

After the dial App is loaded, the KBasic code is executed in a loop after the meeting, and information such as hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds and other information are passed in to draw the dial. The drawing speed is about 12 FPS.

# ???????
print(0, 0, "Basic Clock", 1)

# ?????,??????
let str_time = zeropad(hh, 2) & ":" & zeropad(mm, 2) & ":" & zeropad(ss, 2)

# ???????
print(8, 12, str_time, 0)

For more examples, please refer to the files samples/in the folder kbs.
Binaries for building watch faces

Assume the above example is saved as a file sample0-basic.kbs.

Enter the following command on the command line to build

# -i ????????
# -o ????????
# -d ????,???????????
klockbuilder build -i sample0-basic.kbs -o sample0.kwf

Enter the following command to preview

# -i ?????????
# -d ????,???????????
klockbuilder preview -i sample0.kwf

Of course, you can also choose to double-click directly klockbuilder.exe. A dialog box for selecting a file will pop up, and you can select the file to preview.

Installation Instructions

Installation on Windows CE
2.1 Windows CE1.0 & CE1.01

Because CE.1x does not support GetModuleFileNameAPI. So all KWF files need to be placed in the root directory. Just run the exe at the beginning somewhere else KlockP.
2.2 Windows CE 2.x

Under CE2.x, just put the exe and KWF files in the same directory.
2.3 higher version

It can be started, but the files cannot be listed correctly. Please place the KWF file in the system root directory as in CE1.x.



License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website https://github.com/anderain
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Released 22 December 2023
Popularity 1832
Total Downloads  9
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 28 January 2024


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