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JINZO Paint 2 (Full Color) 0.20

JINZO PAINT (Full-color version) is a paint-based drawing tool that runs on Windows CE.
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of


·There is a single color 256 gradation layer, 4 color layer, and 24bit full color layer.
Always displayed in the following order: single color 256 color layer, 4 color layer, full color layer
Image of contour lines being colored using a single 256-color layer or 4-color layer, and coloring using a full-color layer
·Equipped with color calculation for 4 color layers
·Full color layer has brush mode and watercolor mode

Function description
Dropper with action button, TAB key, space key
1 or B key makes the drawing color brighter, Q or N key makes the drawing color darker
If there is save data named default.jzp in the same folder as the executable file, it will be loaded at startup.

Menu explanation

Load: Load (only in proprietary format with .jzp extension)
Save: Overwrite save (save in a unique format with the extension .jzp)
Save as: Save as (save in unique format with .jzp extension)
Export: Save as (Save as full color BMP)
Import: Load BMP file
Load a 1, 2, 4, 8, 24 bit/pixel BMP file into the selected layer
Load Pen: Load user-defined pen shape
Load Pattern: Load user-defined pattern shape
Clear: Erase the selected layer
Clear All: Erase all layers
Exit: Exit

(Note) [Load Pattern] is a 2bit/pixel bitmap file.
The 16x16 black and white pattern on the top left will be used.
Please use a file created and saved using JINZO Paint gray 4-level version.

(Note) [Load Pen] supports bitmap files of 1, 2, 4, 8, 24bit/pixel.
The 64x64 pattern in the upper left with 256 gray levels is used.
Files created and saved using JINZO Paint gray 4-level version, or
Please use the data created with this program and saved with Export.

Line Adjust(0) No function to prevent wobbling of drawn lines
Line Adjust(1) Has a function to prevent wobbling of drawn lines. Use every other stylus movement event
Line Adjust(2) With function to prevent wobbling of drawn lines. Use every second stylus movement event

Select pen thickness and shape
Pen on the left, density in the center ? Eraser, right side with 100% density ¦ Image of an eraser
¦Eraser is always white, pattern 100%, density 100%
Switch between pen and eraser with just a tap
The bottom is a custom shaped pen

When selecting 4 color layers
Choose from 4 colors, the bottom one is transparent (there is no point in changing the color)
The next point is the color operation, drawn with [·], and is not drawn with []
When selecting full color layer
Choose from 32 colors
Color can be changed
When selecting a single color 256 tone layer
Color can be changed

Same as JINZO Paint

Can be set only when full color layer and single color 256 gradation layer are selected
There are 6 levels of density, and the setting value can be changed for each pen shape.
The closer the value is to 0, the darker it is, and the closer it is to 255, the lighter it is.
(The following functions are only available when full color layer is selected)
Toggle between [Brush] (felt pen style brush), [Flat] (Posca style flat painting) and [Shade] (blur)
Toggle selection of [Normal], [Add], and [Sub] to select normal/addition/subtraction

(Note) It seems that you can easily draw highlights by lowering the density with [Sub] and painting white...
When you draw the main line in black on a full color layer, it seems that you can protect the main line by painting with [Add]...
Only thick pens are valid for [Shade]. Same effect regardless of pen color and density

Switch in the following order: single color 256 color layer, 4 color layer, full color layer
The background color of the menu bar represents the selected layer.
Red: Single color 256 tone layer
Gray: 4 color layers
Green: Full color layer

1,2,3,4,8 times
Switching between displaying the original size in x1view
Hand tools in Hand

Undo. only once.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Released 25 September 2001
Popularity 2524
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By watamario15
Submitted On 02 February 2024


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