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tGetFile.dll 3.0

Dll file for converting the Pocket Post Pet into a CE machine
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1. What is tGetFile.dll?

File opening is quite a problem when converting Pocket Post Pet into a CE machine.
The problem is that the login dialog does not open.

If you install tGetFile.dll, the software corresponding to tGetFile.dll will be installed.
Now you can use the file open dialog for tGetFile.dll.

Currently, the following software is compatible with tGetFile.dll.

PocketTV (v0.4.14 or later, http://www.pockettv.com) * H/PC version not supported
Pocket Informant (v2.5.1 and later, http://www.pocketinformant.com/)
Genshiki Pencil 2 (v2.07 or later, http://www1.mahoroba.ne.jp/~nefa/) *H/PC version is not supported
JINZO Paint (1.14(Mono)/1.02(Color) or later, http://users.goo.ne.jp/t-ueno/)
Function Key Launcher
(0.10a and later, http://www29.freeweb.ne.jp/computer/e550/popope/index.html)
Pocket Notepad (v2.0 or later, http://tillanosoft.com)
PocketTweak (v4.0 and later, http://tillanosoft.com)
SmallTweak (Pocket Post Pet Edition, http://tillanosoft.com)

4. How to start

There is no particular way to start it. tGetFile.dll is installed
When you execute "Open" with Pocket Notepad etc., tGetFile.dll is displayed.
A file dialog opens.

5. How to exit

Close the dialog by clicking the OK button or the [×] button at the top right of the dialog window.

6. Notes on operation

This DLL places the file dialog of the software that supports this DLL.
and replaces all software file dialogs.
Please note that this is not a product.

The tGetFile SDK is required to make your software compatible with tGetFile.dll.
Masu. Please refer to the following web page for tGetFile SDK.


8. Change history

*The latest version is available at the URL below.


3.0 2002.4.15 Internationalization support, etc.
- Added an internationalization framework.
- Ability to display the folder tree and select a folder using the OFN_PROJECT flag.
I added Noh.
- Return the file name if the lpstrFileTitle member is not NULL.
- Added a hook to get the version of tGetFile.dll.
- If you enter a name enclosed in "" in the file name field, the extension will be automatically inserted.
I tried to suppress the input.
- If the OK button is pressed while the file name field is empty, the file name
I tried redoing the list.
- If a character string containing * or ? is entered in the file name field
will relist the files using that string as a filter.
- Even when the file list is limited by a filter,
Shortcuts are now included in the list regardless of the filter.
- Display a warning when characters that are not allowed in file names are entered.
I made it.
- Pocket TV with Pocket PC 2002 using software such as Netrunner
*.mpeg files are duplicated when accessing a remote drive with
Fixed an issue where the
- Shortcut file icon was incorrect on Pocket PC 2002
I fixed it.
- Added other minor fixes.

2.2 2001.11.15 Smart close support for Pocket PC 2002
- Convert Pocket PC 2002's smart close button to tGetFile's file directory.
I decided not to display it in the log. tGetFile file dialog
already has a close button, and it is duplicated and the function is confusing.
This is because they are different and confusing.

2.1 2001.6.24 Fixed memory leak, etc.
- Fixed the memory leak problem introduced in Ver 2.0. The leak is
This occurred when I displayed the details of the file list. leak
The amount depends on the number of file types actually displayed in the details view.
However, up to 1KB was leaked from 90.
- Fixed a buffer overflow issue in very rare conditions. child
The problem was also introduced in Ver 2.0.

2.0 2001.6.20 Detail display support etc.
- Supported detailed display of file list.
- File extensions are no longer displayed in the file list.
- Add an arrow representing a shortcut mark to the shortcut file icon
I tried to attach it.
1.2 2001.6.1 SIP related corrections etc.
- The wait mouse cursor keeps spinning when nothing is specified for lpstrFilter.
Fixed an issue where it would appear.
- When specifying file types to lpstrFilter, use the delimiter to separate multiple extensions.
In addition to semicolon (;), colon (:) is also recognized as a symbol.
Pocket PC's file dialog also recognizes colons, so adjust accordingly.
- If there is a backslash (\) at the end of lpstrInitialDir, "One
There is an issue where the first click on the "Up" icon does not go up one level.
did. I fixed this.
- nFilterIndex returned a 0-based index
now returns a 1-based index as originally specified.

1.1 2001.5.21 Change of initial focus etc.
- in the file name edit box when the file dialog opens
I tried to focus on it.
- The dialog window was small compared to the screen, so a larger window
I made the window open.

1.0 2001.4.24 First edition published

that's all

Installation Instructions

2. Installation method

This package contains the Pocket Post Pet version of tGetFile.dll.

Copy tgetfile.dll to \Windows of Pocket Post Pet.
This copy is all you need to do for installation.

Note that tgetfile.dll may not be displayed depending on the Windows Explorer settings.
I think it may be missing. It looks like there is nothing other than this file.
files with .dll extensions in Explorer settings.
Please make sure that it is not.

3. How to uninstall

\Please delete tgetfile.dll installed on Windows.


DLLStubpocket post pet

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://geocities.co.jp/siliconvalley-paloalto/5006/index-e.html
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 14 April 2002
Popularity 3043
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 25 February 2024


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