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CardLauncher 1.0

Launch programs from memory card, even after reset.
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I wrote CardLauncher to solve some problems I had consistently starting programs located on the Storage Card at startup (after a soft reset). When a Windows CE device is running on battery power, the system automatically prompts the user BEFORE enabling any installed PC Card(s). Unfortunately, the startup procedures continue to run in the background, resulting inevitably in problems finding any programs located on the Storage Card whose shortcuts have been placed in the StartUp folder. In the beginning, I found myself placing any programs I wanted available at startup onto the device main memory. THIS IS NOT WHY I BOUGHT MY STORAGE CARD (...you either)! So, instead I came up with this alternate solution...

With the click of a single button, CardLauncher starts any number of user defined applications after a soft reset, regardless of whether they are located on the device main memory or on the Storage Card(s).

Click on Start, then go to Programs, then click on the CardLauncher icon. Alternatively, find the application, cardlauncher.app, on your Windows CE device, and double click on the icon. If the program has problems starting, double check your PocketC runtime installation.

The first time CardLauncher is run, there will only be one application in the "Applications to launch:" listbox. This application is the World Clock which comes with the Windows CE system.

To add additional applications, click on the "Add" button, then browse your device, click once on the desired application, and then click on OK. Your chosen application will be added to the listbox and will be surrounded in quotes.

To remove an application, click once on the desired application in the listbox, then on the "Remove" button. You will be asked to confirm this action.

In order to edit the command line parameters associated with a given application, click once on the application in the listbox, and then on the "Edit Command Line" button. This button will dissapear and will be replaced by an edit box and a "Close" button. Any command line parameters should be added OUTSIDE of the quotation marks. In this "Edit" mode, you are free to choose other applications in the listbox, and they will appear in the edit box automatically. In addition, any previous changes will be saved. When finished, click on the "Close" button.

I use the above function in particular with an application called SwTskBar, which allows me to place icons to certain applications in the taskbar at startup. In this case, I "Add" the SwTskBar application to the listbox, then "Edit" the command line as described above by adding the path to the application which I would like to add to the taskbar. This works well...but mostly because SwTskBar is a simple, nifty program.

To launch all of the applications in the listbox, click on the "Launch" button. Once all programs are launched, CardLauncher will shutdown automatically (there is a bug in the current version of the PocketC runtime, 1.30, which will not allow this automatic shutdown. The new version which will be released soon has fixed this bug). Note, if at startup Windows CE prompts you concerning enabling the PC Card, click "Yes" before clicking on "Launch" in CardLauncher.

Finally, by default, CardLauncher starts after each soft reset. If you want to prevent this, uncheck the "Run CardLauncher at reset." checkbox.

System Requirements

Copy CAB file to handheld and tap on it to install.

Installation Instructions

Copy CAB file to handheld and tap on it to install.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 1080
Total Downloads  40
Submitted By Rich Hawley
Submitted On 07 February 2014


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