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Program Launchers, File Explorers

Version: 0.05a | By CKA
ModernUI style application launcher for Sharp Brain

Version: 1.2 | By Yasuaki Hara
3SMenu is a pop-up menu-type application launcher that resides as an icon in the task tray at the bottom right of the screen.

Version: 2.0 | By Yasuaki Hara
3SMenu is a pop-up menu-type application launcher that resides as an icon in the task tray at the bottom right of the screen.progr

Version: 1.5 | By Allware Computing
Program launcher

Version: 1.0.2 | By WIS W@RE
An application launcher that displays registered applications in the task tray and launches them with a single tap

Version: 1.0 | By ArtSoft
Program, file, or website launcher

Version: 0.71 | By MobileCubed
From the developer: It is basically a more powerful version of the Windows RUN box, allowing you to create aliases for commands, launch files/websites, etc.

A soft toolbar / launcher for your HPC , HPC /Pro, HPC/2000 or CE.NET device

Version: 1.0 | By Matt Nowinski
Launch programs from memory card, even after reset.

Version: 1.0 | By Queen Image Software
Program launcher

Version: 1.01 | By Exesoft
Explorer utility

Version: 1.02 | By Exesoft
Explorer utility

Version: 4.4 | By Derango
File Explorer Utility

Version: beta0 | By EFSoft
File explorer and more

Version: 1.0 | By EZOS Software
Quick launch utility

Version: 1.17 | By Lukas Grygera
File manager

Version: 1.0 | By BnkSoftware
Shows all files on device.

Version: 2.6 | By Grundle Software
File explorer

Version: 1.04 | By M. Toda
File explorer

Version: 1.1 | By Golden Valley Software
File explorer

Version: 2.0 | By OnHiatus Software
Keyboard shortcut utility

Version: 1.0.0B | By Kodaka
Screen edge desktop icon launcher for the Sigmarion III

Version: 0.92 | By Kazuhiko Hiraide
Hotkey launcher

Version: 0.3 | By S-KSoft
Compare files

Version: 0.1a | By Eiri
This program activates IME by pressing a single key.

Version: 1.2 | By Henri Spagnolo
Keyboard macro utility

Version: 1.4 | By Henri Spagnolo
Program launcher with optional built in utilities

Version: 1.0 | By Jimmy Software
Program launcher and closer

Version: 1.1 | By AppStudio
Launch utility

Version: 1.0 | By Ruksun
Program launcher

Version: 1.0 | By Carolos Foscolos
Program launcher

Version: 1.0 | By BnkSoftware
Macro key launch program

Version: 1.0 | By OnHiatus Software
Program launcher

Version: 2.1 | By MobileCubed
Hot key script launching utility with multiplue applications.

Version: 3 | By MobileCubed
Hot key script launching utility with multiplue applications.

Version: 1.2 | By Mark Gamber
MGQKey is a "hotkey" program for Windows CE based handheld computers (HPC).

Version: 0.03 | By Eiichiroh Itoh
Task manager and aprogram launcher.

Version: 1.0 | By Eiichiroh Itoh
Task manager and program launcher.

Version: | By Miri''s Software Lab
Program launcher

Version: 1.0 | By Miri''s Software Lab
Program launcher

Version: 1.0 | By Panoramic Software
Program launcher and more

Version: 0.67 | By QTA Software
This is filer. P/PC, H/PC Compatible. Message all English. ScreenShout is Japanese version.

Version: 1.2 | By AppStudio
File explorer utility

Version: 1.0 | By Geared2003
Mobilepro 900C skinning

Version: 1.0 | By Denny
File explorer

Version: 4.10 | By Resco

Version: 0.32 | By Nexhawks
Selector is Windows CE on Sharp Electronic Dictionary Brain. An application for switching windows.

Version: 0.5 | By Unknown or not specified
SLauncher for WinCE (for MIPS). This program is a tray-resident launcher (program launcher) for running programs with little resources.

Version: 3.2 | By Tillanosoft
With SmallMenu, you can start Windows CE programs freely and switch windows freely, which was lacking in Pocket Postpet.

Version: 1.30 | By Fong Chee Keat
Scans directories and produces a file system report based upon its contents

Version: 4.1 | By QTA Software

Version: 1.0 | By Jean-Michel Frouin
Program launcher

Version: 1.2 | By Venea
Start CE autorun for satellite navigation (GPS). Launch different applications depending on the presence of the memory card in the device

Version: 1.0 | By SW4You
Add programs to your sevice tray.

Version: 1.0 | By Henri Spagnolo
Small application in Japanese, that lets you search for files into your disks. Enter for example *.txt, then press CTRL+S.

Version: 0.1 | By TascalSoft
File Explorer

Version: 0.21 | By TascalSoft
Early version of Tascal File Explorer, may work better on some CE1 machines.

Version: 1.32 | By TascalSoft
Very nice file explorer for CE1 and newer

Version: 0.3 | By TascalSoft
File explorer

Version: 2.32 | By TascalSoft
Explorer program with infrared support

Version: 2.40 | By TascalSoft
File Explorer program with infrared support

Version: 0.11 | By TascalSoft
Fiel system search utility for Windows CE

Version: 1.32 | By TascalSoft
File explorer

Version: 2.41 | By TascalSoft
File explorer alternative for Windows CE

Version: 1.0.1 | By Eugene Muzychenko
TaskbarControlCE is intended to control Explorer taskbar appearance in case of switching between normal and fullscreen windows.

Version: 0.5 | By Tillanosoft
File explorer for Pocket Post Pet

Version: 2.52 Beta 5 | By Christian Ghisler
File explorer ftp registry utility

Version: 1.02 | By Hou Ming
A tool that closes windows with keystrokes

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