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Calculators & Converters

Version: 1.1 | By Yasuaki Hara

Version: | By Vincent Collura
Have you ever wondered just how much that coffee in the morning is costing you? Have you ever wondered how much that cigarette will cost you in a year. Addiction monitor is a light (9K) PVB file that lets you know, instantly.

Version: 1.0 | By Vincent Collura
Add and subtract

Version: 2.2 | By ArtSoft
Mathematical graphing calculator

Version: 1.0 | By BuildXPDA Software
Compute bandwidth

Version: 2.0 | By Unknown or not specified
Numeric base converter

Version: 1.0 | By Mike Welch

Version: 5.3 | By Calculator.Org
Calc; the easy-to-use full-featured scientific, engineering and financial calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Queen Image Software
Scientific calculator

Calculator program

Version: 1.0 | By Ruksun
Scientific Calculator

Version: 1.15 | By Scott Seligman
Converts various forms of measurements.

Version: 2.5 | By Burr Oak Software
Multifunction conversion software

Version: 3 | By Applian Technologies LTC
Programmable multifunction calculators

Version: 1.02 | By CE Factory
Simple manual counter application

Version: 1.0 | By Unknown or not specified
Day of the week calculator

Multifunction converter

Version: 1.0 | By Teletype GPS Software
Distance calculator

Version: 1.1 | By HPCalc.com
HP 48 business calculator

EuroCalculator offers the convenience of two-way currency calculations with the ease of a number pad.

Version: 1.0 | By EZOS Software
Multifunction calculator

Version: 1.4 | By EZOS Software
Scientific calculator

Version: 1.00 | By Matsoft
FIFTY FIFTY is a tool that aims to reduce the trouble of liquidation at multi-participation events, year-end parties, parties, company welcome parties, etc.

Version: 1.0 | By Landware
Financial calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Unknown or not specified
Graphing Calculator

Version: 2.0 | By Christopher Jansen
Graphing calculator

Version: | By Vincent Collura
Calculator program for PVB Runtime

Version: 1.0 | By Vincent Collura
Calculate how good a deal the sale price is!

Version: | By Ken Bell
Ken's Calculator is a neat little calculator which also has unit conversion features.   

Version: 1.01 | By KSESoftware
Multi-function calculator

Version: 1.1 | By TA Cybernetic Solutions
Loan calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Graham Taylor
Random number generator

Version: 1.0b | By Odyssey Computing
Multi-function calculator

Version: | By Odyssey Computing
Multi-function calculator

Version: 1.0 | By XCom Software
Floating calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Metatools Software
Converter software

Version: 5.0 | By FIS Ltd.
Loan calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Legends & Chronicles
Solve calculations involving Ohms Law. Shareware, however there is no limitations and the author is not reachable. Once downloaded, copy also the DLL included.

Version: 2.0 | By Landware
Multi-function calculator

Version: 3.0 | By Break-Tru Software
Percentage calculator

Version: 4.1 | By FIS Ltd.
Currency utility

Version: 1.00 | By Fong Chee Keat
Calculates pi anywhere from 1 to 20000 decimal places.

Version: 1.01 | By Fong Chee Keat
Calculates pi anywhere from 1 to 20000 decimal places.

Version: | By Odyssey Computing
HP12C calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Surerange Analysis Ltd.
Conversion software

Version: 1.0 | By FIS Ltd.
Calculate Stock Futures

Version: 1.1 | By Surerange Analysis Ltd.
Graphing calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Odyssey Computing
HP12C Calculator

Version: 1.02 | By O.K.Soft
Graph creator

Version: 1.0 | By Surerange Analysis Ltd.
f(x) function of X variable calculator

Version: 1.2 | By MVA Software
RPN Scientific Calculator

Version: 1.10 | By TascalSoft
Covert .pxl to .csv or .txt

Version: 2.2 | By TascalSoft
Covert .pxl to .csv or .txt

Version: | By Vincent Collura
Recipe book for Visual Basic (VB) Runtime

Version: 3.0 | By Tom Boldt
RPN calculator

Version: 1.0 | By Siegfield Weckmann
Euro currency convertor

Version: 1.21 | By TascalSoft

Version: 2.33 | By TascalSoft

Version: 0.70 | By TascalSoft
Converter software

Calculating the difference between two dates in days, hours, minutes and seconds

Version: 1.0 | By Planet-works M. Hoops
binary calculator.

Version: 1.0 | By Kranjan Software
Tip calculator

Version: 2.0 | By Dagoshi

Version: | By CivSoft
Hydraulic calculations in your Pocket! New version supports english & metric units! Firing up your PC hydraulics package just to do a few quick calculations.

Version: 1.0 | By Thomas Standley
Converter software

Version: 1.0 | By Thomas Standley
Farenheit to Celcius to Farenheit converstion program

Version: 1.0 | By Marco Rey y Sander
Interest calculator

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