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       - On Host Programming
       - Official Library Files
       - Stub Files
    - Education
       - Learning Games
       - Morse Code
    - Games
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       - Card Games
       - FPS
       - Puzzle
       - RPG
       - Strategy
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       - Language Utilities
       - Synchronisation
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          - Media Converters
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       - Database
          - Database Tools
       - Document Editors
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       - Presentation
       - Project Management
       - Readers
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          - Religious
       - Spreadsheet
    - Utilities
       - Backup
       - File System & Storage
       - Hardware
       - Infrared Utilities
       - Keyboard & Key Mappers
       - Network
          - Chat, Video Chat & IM
          - Dial-up Networking
          - IP Tools
             - Monitoring Tools
          - News Readers
          - Servers & Services
          - Web Browsers
       - Registry Editors
       - Security Tools
       - Skinning & Theming
       - Task Managers

Home & Lifestyle

Programs to help around the home

Version: | By Skyscape
5-Minute Clinical Consult, a premier clinical consult for students and practitioners.

Version: Beta | By Golem Software
Baseball or softball game recorder

Version: 1.0 | By Takimasa

Version: 1.0 | By EZOS Software
Biorhythm analysis

Version: | By Vincent Collura
Calorie Counter for VB Visual Basic Runtime

Calorie advisor

Version: 3.0 | By Didier Cahouet
Contains information and a list on about 3384 french wines (crus et châteaux). The NSBasic runtime is necessary and available on the author page. Available in french only. But so easy.

Version: | By Skyscape
DrDrugs sets new standards for drug references, while providing a detailed, up-to-date and practical resource

Version: | By Skyscape
Davis Drug Guide for Nurses, a detailed and up-to-date drug resource for nursing practitioners.

Version: | By ITIL
This application helps a casual baseball fan or coaches to help them in keeping track of team scores and individual player stats for particular games to assess the performance of teams, players and other details.

The application can be used to store and monitor your personal information like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pulse Rate, Vehicle Mileage, etc. and further analyze them over a period of time

Interpret your future and predict the outcome of any endeavor you are about to undertake

Version: 1.1 | By Unknown or not specified
GNCutter - Coil and Panel Cutting Optimizer for PDA

Emulated scoreboard for golf lovers having access to handheld devices. It enables them to keep track of different information about their golf game including championship details, player’s information etc.

Version: 1.06 | By HPC:Factor
The Handheld PC Favourites package contains shortcuts to Handheld PC Community Internet resources

Version: 2.2 | By Kasuei Consultant Group
Check Out Real-Time Traffic Condition of All Major Roads in Hong Kong

Version: | By Skyscape
LexiDrugs - for health care workers

Version: 1.1 | By Ranier Herrier
An aid to mixing drinks

Version: 1.09 | By HPC:Factor
The Mobile Internet Favourites package is a collection of Internet resources formatted specifically for use on low bandwidth and / or small screen devices such as the Handheld PC and Pocket PC.

Version: 1.4 | By MySportTraining
Digital health and training diary

Software developed for sports lovers of Basketball having access to Handhelds running on WindowsCE 2.0 or later. It enables them to record and maintain statistics of Basketball games, teams and players.

Version: 1.0 | By Vincent Collura
How bad are your cigarettes?

Version: 5.2 | By Chris Jackson
Scuba diving software

Version: | By Christian S Andersen
PocketWine is a small database for keeping track of the wines you have tried.

Pregnancy information utility

Version: | By DutchComputerKid
RadioActivity Tool is a tool that results in how damaging a given dosing of radioactivity is to the human body.

Version: 1.42 | By SingulArch
Used for data acquisition on archaeological excavations. It is also useful for geologists, biologists and other professionals who work

Version: 1.1 | By Marco Rey y Sander
Soccer team management software

Version: 1.0 | By Kilotec.de
With SpeechBuddy you have your perfect help when you give lectures, presentations or anything else.

Version: 1.0 | By Greg Mason
Basketball statistics tracking software

Version: 2000 | By SanSoft
Chemistry Reference Guide

Version: 1.0 | By Lars Wilhelmer
Type in both full names of two people and it will calculate the possibility of a successful relationship between them. This program uses the algorithm developed by Thijs Kinkhorst and Matthijs Sypkens Smit.

Version: 1.0 | By SanSoft
United States National Park Guide

Version: 2.5 | By Kolya Mobile Computing
Time management

Phonetic translation utility

Version: 1.0 | By Kilotec.de
With Travel Diary you can manage your trips and excursions, add costs and activities and rate them.

Version: | By Jakub Noniewicz
Famous TurboWieszcz poem generator (in Polish only) - Lazarus (Pascal) version: Windows/WinCE/Linux/RaspberryPI

Version: 1.0 | By Web Mill Software
Daily verse

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