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Flash Card/Memory Skills

Programs for rote memorization training and testing

Version: | By Danny Newport
This program will test your knowledge of the Books of the Bible

Version: 1.0 | By Danny Newport
Books of the Bible

Version: | By yvt
Application that allows you to experience Hemi-Sync, which is a type of brainwave entertainment or brainwave synchronization

Version: 1.6 | By Henri Spagnolo
Quiz program. You can create your own using Word. Download this file that I have modified and read carefully the readme instructions.

Version: 3.2 | By HandyMed
Flash card software

Version: | By Matsumoto Design
This software is a quiz software that allows you to enjoy 5TAKU format (*.5tq) question files.

Version: 1.1 | By Claritech
The software provides a flash card like interface to help you to remember katakana, hiragana and some kanji characters. This program will help you learn all the kana characters quickly and easily.

Version: 1.30 | By Glenn Rosenthal
JFC is a basic Japanese flash card program designed to aid students learning Japanese. Much of JFC is designed to basically mimic what one would normally do with paper flash cards, except on a computer.

Version: 4.5 | By Gakusoft
Portable software for Japanese and Chinese language learning. The award winning Japanese / kanji flashcard program for Windows, Palm, and CE devices.

Version: 2.3 | By You 2 Software
MCards is based on the system from Sebastian Leitner. The program considers the learning curve of our brain. It represents the cards in certain times to learn them and never forget them anymore.

Version: 1.0 | By Kilotec.de
MemoryCE, a program to create a Q&A and be evaluated

Version: 1.00 | By MICROLINK Corp
Popular illustration logic on your H/PC

Version: 0.0 | By KiCompWare
palmKG is a simple Japanese flashcard Windows CE program

Version: 1.0 | By Ranier Herrier
Flash card program

Version: 1.0 | By Visual CE
Very simple flash card program

Version: 3.5 | By SuperMemo
Flash card learning and more

Version: 1.8 | By Daniel Dusinski
Wkuwacz enable easy lerning of words and can be used for any language.

Version: 1.0 | By Ruppsoft LLC
Flashcard study program

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