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Sandisk ConnectPlus+128MB Wireless CF Card HPC Mod

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A H/PC compatible mod of the official P/PC driver for the Sandisk ConnectPlus+128MB Wireless card

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File Name:
Sandisk ConnectPlus+128MB HPC mod (v1.1).zip
Elias Zacarias
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318 KB
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C:Amie on 16/03/2023 1:04:17 PM


This is a mod of the official PPC driver for the Sandisk ConnectPlus+128MB
Wireless card.

The original PPC driver works on an HPC provided that you supply your own
aygshell.dll OR you use RedGear.

However, in its original form, the PPC driver is hard to use because all the
config screens are tiny and you have to scroll up and down to use them.

So I adapted every config screen in the application so they are wider and
shorter, and fit a 640x240 screen.

Then I repackaged the driver.

I made other changes, too:

1. I built 2 versions of this CAB, one that includes a 22Kb aygshell.dll that
gets copied with the driver, and one that doesn't. If you are running RedGear
or if you already have an aygshell.dll in your Windows folder, you can
install the one that doesn't include the DLL.

2. Changed tabs to the top of the screen so their names would be visible.

3. I added a small "HPC Modification (v#.#)" in the About Screen. This is not
only to inform users that this is an unofficial mod, but also to keep track
of what version of the mod they are using, in case I release further updates.

4. I removed the shortcuts that the original driver makes, especially the one in
the StartUp folder, because I didn't want the config panel to load silently
when my Handheld starts. This was undesirable because there are some "issues"
with having this PPC app running in the background (check the "issues"

Because this version will not load on startup (unless you manually create a
shortcut for it in \Windows\StartUp) you will need to open the Control Panel
and click on the Wi-Fi Settings icon to configure your card.

Keep in mind that once configured you DON'T need to keep the panel open. It
will retain the settings for next time you insert the card, even if you don't
open the panel again.

Previous attempts
Several many years ago I created a different "driver" package for this card.
In that previous attempt I replaced the entirety of the config app with the one
included in the PRISM reference driver.
That approach lacked features (you couldn't scan for APs, WEP password had to be
input in HEX most of the time because the Ascii->Hex option didn't work with
most routers), and, as of late, seems to have a broken DHCP implementation.

In contrast, the original PPC driver (and thus, this mod) has:

1. The ability to Scan for APs (the previous driver required you to use
something like MiniStumbler for this)

2. Working HEX/ASCII/Passphrase WEP key settings.

3. Comprehensive information about the adapter and the current connection
(MAC Address, current IP address)

4. A built-in Ping tool.

5. Working DHCP.

1. Once opened, it will show the "soft keyboard" icon in the notification area,
even when it's non functional on an HPC.

2. Unlike regular PRISM drivers, there's no option to turn the Wifi
OFF/ON. I find this odd because there is a dialog defined for this in the
application resources, but it's apparently not being called from anywhere
inside the app. You will need to physically remove the card if you want to
"disable" wifi.

3. While the config app is running, whether it's visible or not, it will cause
some apps (like the "Remove Applications" applet) to fail to load more than
once. They will open fine once, but then will refuse to open again until you
close the Wifi config app). This is something that I observed in a Jornada
728, and it might not be a universal problem, but I prefer to always close
the Wifi config panel once I'm done with it. This is also why I removed the
StartUp shortcut, so this app will NOT be silently in the background after
every boot (the app is "invisible" until it detects that the card is present,
so you will not know it's running).

System Requirements:

Windows CE 3.0

Devices that the Hardware associated with this file will work on:
Hewlett Packard Jornada 728 (Handheld PC 2000), NEC MobilePro 900C (Windows CE .net 4.20), Psion Teklogix Netbook Pro (Windows CE .net 4.20)


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