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PCForm Visual Application Builder 1.24.3

Did you create this program, do you know who did?
If you have stopped selling this program commercially, closed down your business or soon will be, the Windows CE community will have lost a valued developer and quite possibly your effort and creativity will be lost forever! It doesn't have to be this way,. The Windows CE community needs your help to preserve the historic legacy of Windows CE now more than ever as it enters into its twilight years.
Will you please consider either open sourcing or converting your license to a HPC:Factor Exemptionware license, where you keep full control of your application's rights without any support commitment but which allows the community to benefit from your efforts.
Please contact the webmaster if you are interested or would like more information and please be assured that HPC:Factor in no way benefits financially from any Exemptionware applications.


Available Downloads: 16
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ceapiruntime.zip3.25 MB65BD4D0245DA5BFB38C6F4C88ED48B39 
ceapiuser.exe0.92 MBE5F2F7124CB96E504C030887086B9280 
developer_download_cabs.zip2.47 MB93C39FF7720DB28322298B6C3DF968D8 
hpc_mips.cab0.30 MB54C5F4EF9F7EB712DF888AD4A0CDC845 
hpc_sh3.cab0.22 MB3011225DBAAB5B680CF9940D6352D916 
hpc2000_arm.cab0.11 MB12B4E5657E874A31B9527AD0E46AFC24 
hpc2000_mips.cab0.16 MBFEDACB33F1DCB9CB58C9001F622AFB4D 
hpcpro_arm.cab0.12 MB8462AA2D4DCECC4F1BD9936F36BFC92F 
hpcpro_mips.cab0.16 MBCAAF275B7A2333D17D63F1F0DF351F79 
hpcpro_sh3.cab0.10 MB431F4A3133C431B234FC739AA8105199 
hpcpro_sh4.cab0.10 MB7AA07813277A2F3C51C6053E8ED07B28 
pcformdemo.CAB0.38 MB4646D0662CB51697D4004E94FCB209BF 
pcformdemosetup.exe0.10 MBBF15EB6D988583FF38315DED23FD2F6D 
pcktceapi.exe2.50 MBA15CB8D2BFD8BCC88A6CF629B1582C9A 
resources.zip0.59 MB45D01CADECF4C2B966C7CEC9A572C04F 
runtime_cabs.zip0.88 MB73BA6CF1746E2083B28746899FF15F1F 
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