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The National Park Guide 1.0

United States National Park Guide
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The National Park Guide, a useful addition to your Windows CE-based Handheld PC and a handy tool for vacation planning.

Installation Instructions

The program file is not in of itself a program, but rather a text based document utilizing ".prc" files that can be opened with a reader program located in the HPC:Factor SCL.

For the purposes of the screenshots, this program from the SCL was utilized, but there are others available as well.


The guide is contained in two files named "NP.prc" and “NP.bkm”. The “.prc” file is what is commonly known as a DOC file - this file format was originally developed for the 3Com PalmPilot Palm PC for distribution of electronic books. The “.bkm” file is a bookmark file which contains pointers to various items of interest in the document.

Save these files to your hard disk or a floppy, then synchronize your Personal Computer and your Palm-Size PC. Once synchronization has taken place and you have a connection to your Palm-Size PC, open the Mobile Devices folder on your Personal Computer. This will give you access to your Palm-Size PC. Double-click on the icon for your Palm-Size PC to open it. You should see something similar to this:

In the “My Documents” folder (or the “My Documents” folder in your Storage Card folder), create a folder called “Docs”. This folder will be where you will store the National Parks Guide and any other DOC files you may acquire. In this example, we’ve decided to store the National Park Guide in the Docs folder on our Storage Card (see below):

You may wish to create separate Library folders for each of the Doc file collections you acquire. As you can see above, we’ve created folders for the National Parks Guide and two other SanSoft products, The Chemistry Set for Palm-Size PC and AstroPSPC. Each of these folders contains the .DOC files and .BKM bookmark files that make up the package. For the National Parks Guide, there are only two files.

To install the National Parks Guide, you simply need to drag the files from your floppy or hard disk drive into the folder you’ve created on your Palm-Size PC. It will be copied to the Palm-Size PC, where it will be readable by Book Viewer.

About Book Viewer:
Book Viewer is a freeware DOC file reader for Windows CE Palm-Size PCs developed by Don Waldo. You can download a copy of it for free from PDAntic’s Palm-Size PC World at http://www.pdantic.com/palmsize/ or send us an e-mail at support@pdantic.com, and we’ll send you a copy. YOU MUST INSTALL BOOK VIEWER ON YOUR PALM-SIZE PC IN ORDER TO VIEW THE NATIONAL PARKS GUIDE.

As you can see from the picture below, Book Viewer provides a simple interface for reading digital reference works such as the National Parks Guide:

The file menu will let you choose the individual file or Library you wish to Open. Choose “Library”, open the “Docs” folder, then open the folder you created for the National Parks Guide. Inside that folder you’ll find the “NP.prc” file listed. Highlight it, then click the Open button. After a short while (15-30 seconds), the National Parks guide will appear on your screen. You can either scroll through the document using the scroll bar or your rocker button, or use the Goto menu to go directly to one of the many bookmarks.



License Exemptionware
The developer has explicity chosen to make available a program that was formerly a commercial product, however is explcitly re-licencing the program (without necessary changing the legal disclaimers within) to remove any and all statements of liability.
Website http://pdantic.com/sansoft.htm
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
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Submitted By torch
Submitted On 12 January 2023


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