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NSBasic Runtime

Did you create this program, do you know who did?
If you have stopped selling this program commercially, closed down your business or soon will be, the Windows CE community will have lost a valued developer and quite possibly your effort and creativity will be lost forever! It doesn't have to be this way,. The Windows CE community needs your help to preserve the historic legacy of Windows CE now more than ever as it enters into its twilight years.
Will you please consider either open sourcing or converting your license to a HPC:Factor Exemptionware license, where you keep full control of your application's rights without any support commitment but which allows the community to benefit from your efforts.
Please contact the webmaster if you are interested or would like more information and please be assured that HPC:Factor in no way benefits financially from any Exemptionware applications.


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BASIC.HPC_MIPS.cab2.12 MBF3796B672BABA603023F66BD81063837 
BASIC.HPC_SH3.cab1.94 MB70BEC6517BF177970856068839DDF099 
BASIC.HPC2000_ARM.cab1.85 MBD06330D6148CEDEC67BBAE80E6983B89 
BASIC.HPC2000_MIPS.cab2.52 MB93F6A5EF62EE7EE339B90553666440C3 
BASIC.HPCPRO_ARM.cab1.53 MBB9D7488728478E2070DFEC540F789414 
BASIC.HPCPRO_MIPS.cab2.12 MB762A937A68025F96394D14A898DF0FCF 
BASIC.HPCPRO_SH3.cab1.47 MB0A76F9E5B3BEFA09C8AE962014C4C0DD 
BASIC.HPCPRO_SH4.cab1.50 MBF9CB0C0D0F467B873634A1960BCFF665 
Scramble HPC.cab0.02 MBF9CD0953D5923F898D3A7922DEB9CCE0 
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