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2011, More for your money? Yep, you bet!

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Posted 12 years ago | Editorial | Richard Hawley 3 comments

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Whether it was Tanoshii kurisumasu wo or Sretni praznici, the message was the same everywhere I web surfed, happy holidays! And at HPCFactor, we hope that everyone, everywhere had a great holiday season. Of course the unwritten message I read was, "buy it here!"

Did you realize that it was 13 years ago that most people were playing with their first CE1.0 HPCs? What a long way we have come since then. And while the price of everything goes up and up, for handhelds the opposite is normally true. Check out this old magazine advertisement from a December 1997 issue:

These days you can pick up machines that make these legacy devices look like toys for a fraction of the original cost of the A-10. Everything from tablet pcs to small CE netbooks and other UMPC devices.

Be sure and share with us a post in the forums of what you received this past holiday season in the way of handhelds, and include a small picture as well if you can. I bet you got a whole lot more for your money than I did back in 1997!
Posted on 03 January 2011 at 15:22By Richard Hawley (Rich Hawley)

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wallythacker's Avatar wallythacker 04 January 2011 1:42:14 PM
But.... a fairly modern and powerful P100 laptop was pushing $2000 maybe $2500+ in that era. The Casio was cheap in comparison. The monochrome HP Deskjet 500 cost $400 or so. So it's all relative. The Casio money buys me a modern laptop now.
ko57's Avatar ko57 18 January 2011 5:18:09 PM
This looks like the Jornada 720.

My Palm 515's battery died-I hadn't used it in a few days and the battery drained. I've had it since May 2003, not in the habit of constantly backing it up but recently did so. Thank God, the thing hard reset once the battery recharged, wiped out everything.

I love my Palm but I like the keyboard of the Jornadas and was looking at one.

My AT&T contract is up in April and I'm not inclined to update my phone to an iphone, android or windows (what next?) smart phone and be locked into another contract.
HPC:Fan's Avatar HPC:Fan 30 January 2011 1:26:33 PM
I have the A-11 which I bought off of eBay for 10 bucks. (Just the unit and stylus.) I've always wanted one to play around with and add to my collection. Fun little things.

But even back in '96 when these things were released, I probably would have found an alternative. Especially at that price! :)
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