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Yeldnat Converter 1.0b

John Ottini | Handheld PC Reviews
May 7, 2007

Every now and then I’m still surprised by the superb quality of freeware available for the Handheld PC platform and Converter 1.0b by Yeldnet is an excellent example of what I’m talking about.
Converter 1.0b is a great little unit conversion program that contains 13 popular conversion types (Distance, Mass, Temp etc) and 125 different units of measurement. The software is very easy to use and requires little or no instruction to use and understand.

It’s as simple as, selecting a conversion type and From & To conversion units (i.e. inches to feet or meter), then entering the value you wish to convert and the software does the rest. See the listing below for the full range of conversion categories available.

Figure 1: Main Interface

Conversion Availability

Distance: in, cm, mm, ft, mi, km, m, yd, nmi, fur
Mass: lb, g, kg, wtoz, t, mt, car, grn, pnwt, stn
Temperature: f, c, k, R, Re
Force: lbf, kgf,N, kN, dyn, mN, ozf, gf, J/cm, J/m
Pressure: psi, Mpa, lb/ft2, kg/cm2, kg.m2, t/ft2, t/in2, dyn/cm2, Tor, inHg, Bar, Atm
Area: in2, cm2, mm2, ft2, m2, km2, mi2, yd2, A, ha
Volume: in3, cm3, mm3, ft3, m3, yd3, Gal, L,mL, floz, Qrt, Pnt
Angle: degree, Rad, Min, Sec, Grd, Oct, Sxt, Qdt, Rev
Density: g/cm3, lb/in3, lb/ft3, kg/m3, wtoz/Gal, t/yrd3 g/m3, mg/m3
Power: HP, KW, BTU/hr, W, MW, BTU/min, BTU/s, cal/s, lb*ft/min, lb*ft/s
Flow: gpm, L/min. gal/hr, L/hr, in3/s, mL/s, floz/s, ft3/hr, m3/day, yrd3/hr, gal/s, L/s
Speed: mph, km/hr, knots, ft/s, cm/s, m/min, in/s, Mach, C
Time: s, min, hr, d, w, m, m(cal), yr

Scratch Pad

The software also comes complete with a Scratch Pad for simple note keeping or for copying and pasting your conversion results. Information added to the scratch pad can be copied and pasted in to another application or can be saved and reloaded in Scratch Pad the next time you use Converter. Unfortunately, you cannot save multiple notes, so if you want save more than one note at a time, your best bet is to copy and paste it to another application.

Figure 2: Scratch Pad

The Value of Freeware

Although, this software is not as comprehensive as Conversion in Hand, it does contain most of the most commonly used conversions and is therefore of great value to anyone who needs a basic, cost efficient unit converter. It’s unfortunate that this software is only available for StrongArm processors (written specifically for the Jornada 720), because I believe that it would be of great benefit to MIPS & SH3, 4 Handheld PC owners. In any event, this is a very impressive piece of freeware and I highly recommend it.

System Requirements

Windows CE 3.0 or greater
StrongArm, XScale

More information on Yeldnat Converter 1.0b can be found at


Cost: 5- Star Rating
Usability: 5- Star Rating
Built-in Help: 4- Star Rating
Overall: 5- Star Rating
Pros: Includes the most popular Conversion types, easy to use, price is right (freeware)

Cons: Scratch Pad cannot save multiple notes, only available for the StrongARM processor

Further Discussion

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