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Chinese 7" Netbook

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Posted 14 years ago | Reviews | Chris Tilley 7 comments

You've heard of them, because quite frankly they are everywhere. The plethora of 7", unbranded netbooks based around the same format with slightly different styling's has taken eBay by storm; but is there anything to their low cost form factor or are some things really too good to be true?

Rich Hawley shares his thoughts on this Asian phenomenon in his review of the ubiquitous Chinese 7" Netbook.

Read: Chinese 7" Netbook
Posted on 09 August 2010 at 16:23By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

Comments on this article

pocherin's Avatar pocherin 22 August 2010 5:05:47 AM
You're missing the 7" Tablets both Android and Windows CE powered.
technogeist2k9's Avatar technogeist2k9 25 August 2010 10:42:30 AM
I was hoping to grab a linux based netbook. But could only find WinCE devices for sale. :(

It's the printer support that bothers me about wince. And linux is far more up-to-date by comparison. But anyways, at $80 (~ £51) I can't complain too much. :D

erle79's Avatar erle79 26 August 2010 9:25:20 PM
This is the first time using your service.ref: chinses 7 inch net book/ how do I correct the /not valid windows ce 6.0 appliccations problem. I cannot update or download. I can not find out how do it. thans,
batesmoteljulie's Avatar batesmoteljulie 29 August 2010 8:46:19 PM
I have spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to connect to internet through my pc. My pc is dsl with a WIRED d-link router and WIRED dsl modem and I am running Windows XP with SP3.

The error code says "can not find server" or dns error. I am totally stumped and want to return this thing before I throw it out the window
hairless's Avatar hairless 20 September 2010 3:33:01 AM
I went into the router and changed the ip address to and it started working on my home network. I don't know how it will act at a public hotspot that does not have that as the default ip.
fingers242000's Avatar fingers242000 14 September 2010 11:24:07 PM
got every thing but video and pics internet is easy want to upgrade to 6.5 or 7
pnoy's Avatar pnoy 10 November 2010 4:09:33 AM
you cannot upgrade/install other software with this machine.
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