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What is your relationship with your H/PC?

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Posted 11 years ago | Community | Chris Tilley 19 comments

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We have a new home page poll this morning. This new poll seeks to understand from you the relationship that you maintain between yourself and your H/PC.

Are Handheld PC's still being used as day-to-day PDA devices or have people largely given up with PIM synchronisation functionality in light of lacklustre support for newer Windows and Outlook releases?

We know that many in the community are collectors, so when answering consider your general relationship with any H/PC or Windows CE Core device taken as a whole over an average week.

As always, the results are real time and are avaialble on the home page.
Posted on 13 January 2011 at 11:01By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

Comments on this article

PDXMark's Avatar PDXMark 14 January 2011 1:04:41 AM
I had a hard time choosing between "Everyday PDA" and "Everyday laptop alternative", because it's both for me. I finally chose PDA because I probably spend more time using those functions, but I also use HPCs to take meeting notes, prep lectures, read PDFs, etc., so it's a laptop replacement, too.
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 14 January 2011 4:31:48 AM
Yeah, I kinda wish I could've chosen more than one, because I also look for ways to make newer CE devices in particular more and more functional so that they can serve as notebook alternatives.
C:Amie's Avatar C:Amie 14 January 2011 9:59:14 AM
See PDA as a companion device that you use in amongst your Windows/Mac PC may be through ActiveSync. Laptop alternative would be where you don't use it as an extension of a main PC but (try to use it as) as a primary PC device.
takwu's Avatar takwu 15 January 2011 2:05:42 AM
I just use HPCs as MIDs, so I chose occasional laptop alternative. But it's only a matter of time before I find and procure a better MID, and then my HPCs will become one of the last three options.
Chuck E's Avatar Chuck E 15 January 2011 4:29:38 AM
Actually I've never used the PIM functions on my HPCs. I think of them as small laptops, even if a bit limited in scope. With my discovery of ethernet adapters, I'm still doing practical and experimental web browsing, saving pictures, and saving articles into Pocket Word. Also I save the occasional text-centric webpage when caching allows it. As unsupported as these old machines are nowadays, it's still possible to read the latest news, get the weather, and do research on them. They're also good for image viewing.

Paianni's Avatar Paianni 15 January 2011 8:44:37 AM
I went for occasional PDA as I find that they cannot match what I can do on a laptop, and that I am not always interested in them.
wallythacker's Avatar wallythacker 16 January 2011 2:24:08 PM
we need another poll choice. nevemind. I clued in to shelf-drawer-museum and chose that.

they are now dust collectors. selling them for their value is absurd, so I keep them.

I'd use them for pim had I not bagged my LG IQ/HTC phones. (so far MS myphone is working well for pim sync.)

HPC:Fan's Avatar HPC:Fan 19 January 2011 11:42:40 PM
I still use mine for PIM management. I've had every kind of "smart phone" you can think of and none of them matched my experiences with HP/C's. Mostly due to the keyboard.

Of course, there have been a couple of exceptions. Most notably the Nokia Communicator range. However, at the moment I have a "dumb phone" combined with my palmtop computer. Sometimes I'll opt to go with just my e90, but not when I have to write a lot. :)
Mobi's Avatar Mobi 22 January 2011 4:23:57 AM
So far, I'm the sole "I've sold them all" vote. My mobilepro 900 with cmonex's great rom was simply too slow to be useful. I keep checking back to see if anyone has found a good alternative in this form factor, which I love. I would love to see a linux-based, instant-on mobile-pro-sized machine. In the meantime, I'm running crunchbang on an LG X110. It's a little larger than I'd like, but that's life, right?

I guess I should add that I'm using an Ipaq 110 for pim.
xc8's Avatar xc8 30 January 2011 7:38:31 PM
I have a Psion NetPad (CE 4.2) and I use it almost all the time as note taker, or organizing some things on pocket Excel. Its not the 'latest' technology, but I know it can even survive under extreme conditions.
mzee_w's Avatar mzee_w 06 February 2011 8:33:57 PM
My 720 with its 2GB compactFlash has been my memory and archive for years and continues to be an invauable reliable unversal every day tool.
NathanielZhu's Avatar NathanielZhu 07 February 2011 2:55:09 PM
I use my 7 inch Chinese netbook even more than my laptop

7 Inch netbook ---> Work
Regular Laptop ---> Play

I absolutly can't concentrate on my regular laptop because of the games, videos, movies, etc.
MobilePro Master's Avatar MobilePro Master 08 February 2011 11:02:30 PM
I use my HPC every day to take notes at school and schedule tests and quizzes, and it has proved an invaluable tool. I also sometimes play around with the Flight Simulator on it. My MobilePro 790 is my workhorse though. My other HPCs are just for my growing collection.
testmatchspecial's Avatar testmatchspecial 09 February 2011 5:40:04 AM
I use my Aero 8000 when I need to get some writing done - it's not connected to the internet, and can do little else, which really helps me to focus. In the vein of the Kindle, it can do one thing really well. The instant on / off is also great when I'm trying to get writing done when I'm commuting / travelling with work.
gabol67's Avatar gabol67 28 February 2011 1:14:10 PM
I'm a TEFL teacher in Argentina so resourses and money are limited here, so my HP Jornada 728 came in handy. I use it to look up Translations from English to Spanish and vice versa. I have HPC Translate that I downloaded from www.phatware.com (with license fee) and it's helped me alot. The program even has the capacity to add words to the dictionay. And I use the calendar function a lot too.
Thecatmilton's Avatar Thecatmilton 02 March 2011 9:47:36 PM
I have really liked my MP900 for taking notes and internet browsing in class the only problem I have with it is taht it forgets the touchscreen calibraton everytime I suspend it nothing else is lost other thn that I like it.
cmonex's Avatar cmonex 15 March 2011 8:56:07 AM
occasional PDA, I'm still in love with them :)
CE Geek's Avatar CE Geek 16 March 2011 5:32:34 AM
Occasional PDA? Not buying it, cmonex. What happened to your plans for an H/PC museum? :p
zurita's Avatar zurita 20 March 2011 12:32:53 PM
I have two NEC MobilePro 900C and a HP Jornada 720. I use them every day. I am an enthusiast for the Handheld PC.
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