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H/PC Newsletter for April

Handheld PC News

Posted 13 years ago | News | 1 comment | Author: Chris Tilley

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Never an April fool, the April edition of the Handheld PC Newsletter has hit the cyber shelves and is ready for you to download from HPCNEC. In this month's edition John Ottini and Rich Hawley open up the archives and delve into some more Handheld PC gems, including:
  • Mobipocket Reader Pro 4.8
  • Tip for using Mobipocket Reader
  • Capt XP Pro
  • Internet websites for eBook lovers
  • The Quest 1.03 Graphic adventure software
A PDF viewer and an unzip application are required to read the electronic redistributable such as Adobe Acrobat, FoxIT or Primer 3.1.

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H/PC Newsletter
Posted on 02 April 2008 at 05:03

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Jesus's Avatar Jesus 16 May 2008 6:27:36 PM
Dear Mr. Ottini, I love your newsletter, so keep us informed according to your best knowledge. And thanks for your effort. Keep it on the wild side,Catching as much as posible, in aplying contemporary software, and knowhows aplicable on our HPC-s. It is really hard to find for instance a good digital sporty looking stopwatch combined with alarm clock features. Timetable, etc. But the emphasis is to have a stopwatch. of course for free :)
Phone call recorder, and other useful thingies we find on contemporary mobile phones and devices.
A .PRC format would be appreciated better. Thanks
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