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SpreadCE 3.17

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Posted 1 month ago | News | Chris Tilley 1 comment

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The venerable Stephen Bye has been tinkering under the bonnet of SpreadCE for the second month in a row, releasing the 3.17 version of the Pocket Excel replacement on Friday.

The new release is listed as a minor bug fix and enhancement release, although forum user archival36 reports that you can now search text across entire worksheets/workbooks, including comments.

SpreadCE is not only a full replacement for Pocket Excel, but also a functional contender to rival the full version of Excel or TextMaker’s PlanMaker. Boasting support for full charting, macros, native opening of xlsx, xls, csv (and more) along with the more recent addition of VBA support, the app is a steal at $20.00 USD (£16.53 GBP, €19.01 EUR, ¥2,985.95 JPY est.).

To learn more about SpreadCE 3.17, view the app in the SCL or visit the Bye Design home page using the link below.

View: Bye Design
Posted on 05 November 2023 at 09:21By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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archival36's Avatar archival36 06 November 2023 1:15:25 AM
The little pop-up menu to search text in the entire workbook (found only in version 3.17) is a truly welcome addition to SpreadCE, all thanks to Stephen and his passion for this program and the community.
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