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Developer Focus: TMK Soft

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Posted 10 months ago | News | Chris Tilley 1 comment

Over the past year, a new developer has entered the fray of legacy H/PC development, TMK Soft. Based in Japan, TMK Soft specializes in developing for the Sharp Brain Dictionary as well as the NTT Do-Co-Mo Sigmarion III. Over the last year the team at TMK have released ten new programs as well as posting frequent updates for existing apps; some as recently as a few weeks ago.

There are a wide variety of different types of apps available, from utilities, games, and even the ridiculous!

Battery Meter for Brain
A battery percentage meter with four levels of battery display for Sharp Brain.

SCL: Battery Meter for Brain

A program that seems to explode once you start it and tap the screen.

SCL: Bomb.exe

Task switcher with a Windows XP visual appearance for Sharp Brain.

SCL: BrainXP

Since Sharp Brain devices don’t by default contain the taskbar/desktop of Windows CE, this software can be used to restore both.

SCL: CERestorer

Manual Low-Res
Newer Sharp Brain devices cannot use a low resolution mode for backwards compatibility with older software. This program can be used to enable this mode.

SCL: Manual Low-Res

MEMZ for Windows CE
The famous “MEMZ” virus imitation for Windows CE. For Sigmarion III and Sharp Brain.

SCL: MEMZ for Windows CE

A game where one may manipulate a parabola and pass it through a gap.

SCL: ParabolaString

Theme Save
Utility to restore window theme for Sharp Brain devices.

SCL: Theme Save

Dice rolling utility for Sharp Brain and Sigmarion III devices.

SCL: TmSaikoroCE

Timer to count up/down for Sharp Brain and Sigmarion III devices

SCL: TmTimer

If you have a compatible device, TMK Soft is one to keep an eye on as they are frequently releasing new apps, utilities and even... curiosities out into the community. For more information on TMK Soft visit their homepage using the link below.

View: TMK Soft

Thanks to torch for the tip and details of the application mentioned in this post.
Posted on 05 April 2023 at 14:31By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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Jake's Avatar Jake 11 April 2023 11:05:17 PM
This is great stuff. I've always wanted one of these devices.

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