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BrainXP 0.7

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Posted 7 months ago | News | Chris Tilley 1 comment

TMKSoft is at it again with a new release of the popular BrainXP task switcher. Primarily aimed at users of Sharp Brain devices, the app enabled a classic Windows XP visual style to be applied to the shell of the device along with further shell refinements over and above the one that ships on the handheld.

Though the compatibility specifically mentions Sharp Brain devices, there’s a possibility that other ARM processor based devices running Windows CE 6.0 (or other versions) may benefit. Feel free to add compatibility results to the SCL listing if you are aware of any other devices that this works on!

The new version 0.7 release squashes some bugs, with the developer now indicating that it is almost complete and ready for its version 1.0 escape from beta.

One downside is that - as of the current version - many of the settings cannot be directly configured from within the program itself, with items such as username, user icon, and start menu configuration being directly manipulated via the programs settings.cfg manually through a text editor.

TMKSoft is requesting that any bugs of feedback on the app be reported to them directly.

View: TMKSoft Website
View: BrainXP 0.7 in the SCL

With thanks to torch for letting us know about the updated release
Posted on 11 July 2023 at 11:36By Chris Tilley (C:Amie)

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torch's Avatar torch 17 July 2023 5:57:02 AM
Working on MobilePro 900 ARMV4 running Windows CE 4.2. Compatibility for SCL updated.
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